Nashville Church of Scientology Says: It’s All About the Art

Highly acclaimed sports artist Robert Blehert traveled from Seattle, WA to Nashville, TN with a set purpose: helping other artists in their craft.

Nashville, TN, July 08, 2011 --( Seattle artist Robert Blehert has no family in Tennessee, so one might assume his recent trip to Nashville was because he is a huge Titans fan. After all, he is known for his stunning paintings of professional athletes and their teams, and has been commissioned by many professional teams.

But good guess as that would be, Blehert made the trek as a labor of love in support of Nashville’s aspiring artists. “What inspires me to help others...what it really comes down to, is that I sense this almost indescribable potential,” says Blehert.

He came to deliver a seminar to more than 20 burgeoning artists at the Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Nashville. His seminar, entitled Art and Prosperity, took attendees through painting a picture and showed them techniques on how to make stunning still-lifes.

Blehert, a Scientologist, introduced attendees to the Communication booklet which every attendee received a copy of. “It’s very important that artists know how to communicate,” he says. The Communication booklet contains practical tools developed by the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, on how to communicate better.

Hubbard wrote, “Art is a word which summarizes the quality of communication. It therefore follows the laws of communication.”

Blehert is coming back in November to do another seminar. Nashville artists are already looking forward to learning more about art and the laws of communication.

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Julie Brinker