Laeken International Intensifies Alternative Investment Strategy Division via Managed Futures Products

Laeken International, a leading and international commodity futures and brokerage trading services firm, has announced today the launching of its new alternative investment program called Alternative Investment Strategy Division (AISD). This Division is composed of all market and trading professionals called AISD Team who are tasked to provide institutional and retail investors with direct and full access to the fast-rising managed futures.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 08, 2011 --( “Our new alternative investment strategy division is one of our natural business extensions in which we are leveraging our global networks and years of leadership in this industry to stretch the products and services we offer to our active clients,” Sebastian Pacey, Laeken International Chief Executive Officer said. “Our initiative in alternative investment program is among the ideal examples of how we maintain our expanded service offering to better serve the unique needs of our clients at the same time branching out our revenue potentials by establishing new and fee-based source of income.”

Most of the global institutional traders of managed futures invest in a wide-range of trading instruments which include government securities, commodities and currencies or foreign exchange. Over the last six years, the managed futures division has experienced substantial growth with qualified asset under management impressively growing to an approximate of 200 percent. This growth continues even during the 2008 market recession. In the same year, most commodity trading advisors have documented and average of 17 percent collective earnings.

Laeken International in-house professional brokers have already started the introductory part of this new alternative program division by introducing its clients to pre-selected set of Commodity Trading Advisors and global institutional traders. The main focus of this introductory part is to provide investors with basic understanding on the entire program of Alternative Investment Strategy Division.

“I understand that most sophisticated institutional investors today are preferring diversification of trading portfolio because it’s full exposure to managed futures which have the capability to provide better and risk-adjusted trading profits and in most cases non-correlated with traditional commodity and equity markets. We are now in the process of educating our clients and introducing them to our list of professional managers who are very hard to recognize and access on their own,” said Pacey.

Laeken International
Greg Newman