Laeken International Introduces New Commission Plan for Foreign Exchange Limit Orders

In its effort to offer clients with unrivaled trading services, Laeken International, a leading and globally recognized commodity futures and brokerage trading service firm has announced today the commencement of a new commission plan intended for foreign exchange limit orders.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 09, 2011 --( Effective the first trading day of August, Laeken International will be paying $1.80 per $100,000 traded and executed currency for foreign exchange limit orders posted on every foreign exchange account of a trader.

According to the highest individual in command of Laeken International, the Chief Executive Officer Sebastian Pacey said: “This new commission plan is considered as our game modifier for the entire retail and institutional foreign exchange industry and definitely our tactical step for our currency product trading services. Our initiative of paying limit orders will continue our drive towards completely transparent and well-organized retail and institutional foreign exchange marketplace. It offers rewards for our foreign exchange clients with much lower trading costs and extreme liquidity.”

Basically, Laeken International gathers related quotes from leading bank liquidity providers, showing them in the first completely transparent order book for retail investors. To date, clients are paying $2.70 per $100,000 successfully executed currency through the firm’s electronic trading system. This considerable change provides traders and investors further reason to post their limit entries and exits and paves way for other retail investors to participate.

“We continue to create and adapt our trading technologies to line up our business interest with those of our clients. Most foreign exchange brokers do not display client orders, in our case; we always did as our initiative of showing transparency. Those that do not display client orders continue to put money on their pockets as they continue hold limit orders for themselves, therefore keeping bigger minimum spreads to the disadvantage of their own clients,” explained Pacey.

Laeken International will automatically credit $1.80 per $1000, 000 currency executed immediately and directly to the client’s trading account upon execution of a posted limit order.

Laeken International
Greg Newman