Laeken International Plans to Sponsor Series of Educational Trading Webinars

Laeken International, one of the most trusted and effective commodity futures and brokerage trading companies today, is looking for an education-focused company that can provide educational materials on related commodity markets information and that can be a good partner of Laeken International on its plan of sponsoring series of educational trading webinars.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 09, 2011 --( If the plan will be pushed through, the Education Trading Webinars will tackle topics in derivative markets and technical analysis aspect of commodity futures trading. Depending on the topics that will be contributed by Laeken International partner for this project, topics will be divided into series of discussions which aim at intensifying the individual’s knowledge and capabilities in the futures markets as well as on how to utilize available trading charts and analytical trading data in the advancement of successful trading strategies.

“This Educational Trading Webinars plan is a good start for traders who want to get off on the right start. It is equally useful and indispensable to experienced traders who want a refresher course on the commodity futures markets,” said Scott Woodrow, Laeken International Managing Director for Research and Education Department.

Sebastian Pacey, the Chief Executive Officer of Laeken International also consider this educational service as beneficial for traders who want to take advantage of the active markets today. He said: “For the past decade, we have been leading the commodity futures industry for individual investors and to maintain our position we have been intensifying our commitment to our clients by providing them ongoing education because we believe that trading education is the most important factor in successful trading. As soon as we can find the right partner for this project, we will be introducing a high-level of commodity trading education to our clients via series of trading webinars.”

Laeken International
Greg Newman