ACISCO Presents Semi-Private Modular Office Furniture for Supervisors, HR, and Accounting Departments presents an array of semi-private modular stations for managers, supervisors and in-house departments. Modular office furniture allows clients to make major design changes without dealing with plaster or sheetrock.

New York, NY, July 09, 2011 --( ACISCO, a single-source business provider offering office furniture for sale, flooring and carpeting, and construction and renovation services, is promoting its selection of semi-private modular workstations for businesses looking to accommodate managers, supervisors and in-house departments. The semi-private stations are part of ACISCO's larger modular office furniture collection, which also entails telemarketing/training stations, managerial areas, and floor to ceiling units.

"Modular office furniture is advantageous for businesses because it is extremely flexible, making it easy to restructure space allotments as needed without tearing down walls and building them up again. ACISCO offers all of these benefits and more, as our relationships with hundreds of the country's top furniture suppliers afford us access to a wide variety of products at competitive prices," said Meridith Zwirn, COO of ACISCO.

Featuring both open and lockable spaces, ACISCO's assortment of semi-private modular workstations can cater to a variety of needs. The FMS_005 offers an ideal arrangement for supervisors and managers; the unit's lockable door and mod curved walls provide both space and privacy, while the primarily glass walls facilitate employee supervision. For more openness, the FMS_008's L-shaped enclosure affords users partial privacy, while the three-sided desk partitions an area for meeting with guests.

ACISCO's FMS_003 model offers even more space, with a lockable office area connected to a semi-private semicircular desk well-placed for a secretary or assistant. The FMS_014 delivers both privacy and space, with a room enclosure that can accommodate a desk, meeting table, and office seating and storage pieces.

The majority of ACISCO's semi-private modular workstations can also be "stacked" with additional panels to form floor to ceiling offices and conference rooms up to 15 feet high. This way, semi-private modular stations can easily be converted into more private work spaces without any major construction.

To populate these modular workstations, ACISCO also offers a host of additional office furniture for sale, including conference room, waiting room, and reception area furniture. The company's connections to major furniture supplies allow clients to receive highly personalized orders with a quick turnaround time.

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