Announces New Client Richard Myatt and His New Book Preventing Columbine is pleased to announce the promotion of the new book, Preventing Columbine, by Richard Myatt. Myatt's new book aims to help teachers, school administrators and parents to prevent school violence tragedies like the Columbine shootings.

Atlanta, GA, July 09, 2011 --( School shootings and school violence can be prevented, and author Richard Myatt presents the facts in his new book, Preventing Columbine.

Every teacher, administrator, principal, counselor, parent, and community should consider, "How Can We Prevent School Shootings & Violence?" Good families should never live through the horror of their child being assassinated in a school cafeteria. The one lone gunman, who still remains largely unrecognized by our current systems, can destroy an entire community.

With a goal of preventing tragedy that produces untold grief for generations, Preventing Columbine is a concise work full of answers that come from the practitioners of crisis intervention.

University professors receive grant money to do secondary analysis of data, government psychiatrists do “psycho-social autopsies” of school shooters, and law enforcement specialists create “profiles” of campus killers. This work is a pragmatic guide for those who fear contempt’s expression through an unstable teen. As the former director of an adolescent psychiatric rehabilitation facility, this work is complete with the expertise of those who worked directly with the extremes of at-risk youth. As a clinic director of crisis intervention services in the largest county in the continental United States, experience doing assessments of would-be shooters has culminated in the most critical tools that school administrators and educators can use to prevent and diffuse a crisis situation.

Preventing Columbine offers clear recommendations for the identification of those who are truly at risk, assessment questions every administrator and school counselor should ask, verbal intervention strategies effective in diffusing a campus shooter, and the most simple and effective physical containment techniques. Bonus chapters include identification of those who are truly at risk of suicide, as well as a chapter on manipulative students and how to manage them.

Book Information:
Preventing Columbine
By Richard Myatt
Publisher: Independent Publishing Services, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-578-08629-3
Pages: 130
Published: May 2011

About The Author
Richard Myatt is a licensed psychotherapist with an extensive history providing care to wounded children. From building an orphanage in a war-torn country to becoming the director of an adolescent psychiatric rehabilitation facility, his experience includes crisis intervention work, treating sexual addictions, and a commitment to healing children victimized by the murder of parents and child prostitution. With two masters degrees in marriage and family therapy and theology, he has also completed all coursework for a Ph. D. in family sociology. He currently specializes in organizing his community to detect and prevent workplace violence.

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