Leadbolt Launches First Ad Revenue Platform for Android & iPhone

New York, NY, July 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- LeadBolt, a top online advertising, and web monetization platform proudly announces its solution for the mobile space with the launch of its app monetization platform for Android and iPhone. LeadBolt’s simple to use ad platform now makes it easier than ever for businesses to take advantage of the booming mobile advertising industry.

The mobile apps industry is expected to be worth $17.5 billion by 2012. Revenues from mobile advertising are expected to be over $3.3 billion this year according to Gartner, with a large proportion of that through Android and iPhone apps. LeadBolt, ranked as one of the top 25 online and mobile advertising networks and winning first place in the Anthill Smart 100 Readers Choice Index of top innovative products for 2011, is providing businesses a way to boost profits by offering a range of revenue generating solutions for all application developers and owners, including banner ads, interstitials, video ads and access to LeadBolt’s content unlocking technology.

“The greatest issue facing developers today is the how to best monetize their apps. Leadbolt has developed a solution that helps app developers conquer this challenge by providing an easy to implement SDK and a highly targeted and innovative advertising platform that generates excellent returns for the app owners. Our leading technology also has the added benefit of future proofing in app advertising as its implementation gives the developer ultimate control of their ad strategy through the Leadbolt portal as opposed to needing to do this in the code,” said Dale Carr, Founder and President of LeadBolt.

When an app is added to LeadBolt’s network, the owner has access to LeadBolt’s monetizing tools, completely customizable ad formats and a wide range of big budget advertisers with international offers for every type of app or market.

LeadBolt’s Ad and Content Unlocking technology has been highly successful on the web where website owners have increased their profit by over 250% compared with traditional online advertising models.

About LeadBolt
Leadbolt is an innovative online and app content monetization company. Leadbolt has pioneered new ad formats for the web and phone with their content locking technology. Unlike traditional advertising models, which lie flat on a page or app, Leadbolt implements an intelligent layer which sits above content and apps where the code is placed. The Leadbolt layer interacts with the users in order to increase the volume of clicks to create a higher response rates to surveys and advertisements. To sign up or learn more, visit: http://www.leadboltapps.com or contact apps@leadbolt.com

Irene Rogers