FG Solutions International Opens Chicago Trading Office as Part of US Prime Brokerage Expansion

FG Solutions International, a prominent commodity futures and brokerage service firm with global operations and access to international markets, has announced today the opening of a new trading desk in Chicago as part of its US-based Prime Brokerage Expansion program. The announcement coincides with the introduction of a new Prime Brokerage trading platform and with additional hires to position in sales and marketing management.

Brussels, Belgium, July 10, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The new FG Solutions International Chicago office will be manned by Rob McLendon. He will lead the expansion of Prime Brokerage Offering in Chicago. He is also expected to supervise the already existing 10 trading professionals who are basically focused on Fixed Income and Equities trading.

“We consider Chicago as one of the most important and strategic markets in United States due to the fact that it has the most liquid markets. Having a regional presence in this area is important to our success which will further demonstrate our commitment to the Chicago investment and trading community,” said Collins, FG Solutions International Chief Operation Officer.

Rob McLendon joined FG Solutions International in 2002 and was assigned as Senior Sales Trader of its Prime Brokerage Services. With nearly a decade of trading and sales experience in Prime brokerage Service, he was recently promoted as Senior Financial Analyst and now the new Managing Director for the Chicago trading desk. Prior to joining FG Solutions International he worked at a Client Service Department of one of the financial institutions in New York.

“With the given increased number of trading opportunities in Chicago and the anticipated new lines of products and services which will be launched in the near future, we are confident enough that opening a new office in Chicago is one of the major leaps that we can contribute to the success of the trading individuals here. We also expect new funds will be initiated by most trading professionals here especially from larger financial institutions as we will cover the entire area of Chicago with trading opportunities. We will become their well-positioned strategic business partner as they go through the introductory phase of their investment ventures,” said Collins.

FG Solutions International
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