EuroMillions Roll Over Means Boom in Pandora Bracelet "Lucky" Charms According to The Jewel Hut

Brierley Hill, United Kingdom, July 11, 2011 --( This Friday’s EuroMillions jackpot is set to reach its maximum of £166 million.

The draw that took place on Tuesday night marks the second time in a row that no one has won the grand prize.

The predicted prize money for Friday’s draw would instantly place the winner on the Sunday Times Rich List at number 418 between Sir Tom Jones and guitarist Eric Clapton.

Traditionally, people looking to increase their luck have carried talismans such as the four-leaf clover or a lucky rabbit’s foot. With jewellers such as able to offer other options. There are now a host of alternatives for those seeking to improve the luck.

There is obviously no evidence that these items statistically enhance the chances of winning, particularly in something as random as a lottery. However, the wearers of these items are convinced of their positive effects.

It is widely believed that a rabbit's foot possesses power to bring good luck. This is believed to have stemmed from the pre-Celtic tradition of hunter clans. Young males were first introduced to hunting rabbits as an introduction to his apprenticeship as a hunter. If they were successful one of the hind feet of the rabbit was presented to them in a ceremony welcoming them to manhood.

Today in these times of increased awareness of animal rights, and increased pocket clutter, few people would be willing to carry parts of animals in their pockets, or indeed have the space next to a phone or card stuffed wallet. Items such as shamrocks are also easy to destroy when left in similar environments.

One popular way of carrying these luck enhancing symbols is in the form of a jewellery item available from One of the most popular jewellery ranges right now is the Pandora bracelets range which includes a rabbit bead (luckily for the rabbit all 4 feet are still attached) cast in 925 UK Hallmarked Sterling Silver. Also available is the four-leaf clover. According to legend the fourth leaf, which is rarely found in the wild, is related to luck. A sterling silver version is available in bead form from the Pandora bracelets range.

Whilst Pandora bracelets or any other item is unlikely to bring you luck, it can certainly improve your likelihood of enjoying a piece of high-quality jewellery.

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