The Social Cities - New Approach to Getting Traffic to Your Business Without Paying a Fortune for It

Tons of ready made Facebook and Twitter traffic is in place in your chosen city waiting to hear what businesses on the 'net have to offer them.

New York, NY, July 10, 2011 --( Every online business owner has the top priority of driving traffic to their website and they soon learn that social marketing is one of the best ways to accomplish this. Their first thoughts turn to the popularity and size of Facebook and Twitter as two social venues that they are familiar with. This is where the problem starts though in that it is difficult for them to step out of the realm of being a socializer in these venues, and now becoming a business person who now has to market their products and services. The solution has been made available to this problem through a new and innovative social marketing service called The Social Cities, that specializes in the Twitter and Facebook market.

There are a lot of opportunities available to online businesses to assist them in getting themselves known on Twitter and Facebook. They are able to take advantage of having professional pages built for them on these social venues, but once this is completed then the business owner now finds himself daunted with the task of trying to build traffic. The Social Cities has already done that for them, and that’s what makes what they have to offer so unique.

Anyone wishing to get their message out to a large following of Twitter followers and Facebook fans can now do so in a matter of minutes through the Social Cities. All one has to do is choose a city where they want their message delivered to fast, then write their ad and The Social Cities will do the rest. This ad will appear on the twitter page dedicated to that city, and will also be duplicated on the Facebook page. The business owners message can become immediately available to over 4,000 potential clients depending on their choice of city. There is no work on the business owners part, which means they don't have to spend weeks and months on trying to build up their followers and fans. The Social Cities has all the traffic they want waiting for them.

In the past, it was wishful thinking on the business owner's part to be able to afford to advertise with the "big guns." With concept this is no longer wishful thinking, but a dream come true for the business owner who often isn't able to compete with their competitors who have the big advertising budgets. The Social Cities social marketing opportunities puts every business on the same playing level.

The founder of The Social Cities, Tatiana Jerome states,"The Social Cities began with the mandate of creating a win-win situation for both business owners and clients. It creates an opportunity for the financially struggling business person to have an opportunity to reach a large social market immediately, that is affordable. It gives potential customers a simple place to go to, to find what they are looking for in their city, in an atmosphere they are comfortable with such as twitter or facebook. Our company has become successful in bringing business and customers together on common ground."

The Social Cities is slated to officially launch in August of 2011. To celebrate this they are offering a large introductory discount to business owners, for their spot on their city page of choice, which will include both the twitter and corresponding facebook page. A detailed explanation of how a business owner can take advantage of this pre launch special is available in a free give away guide that also contains the order form.

About The Company
The Social Cities is a dream come true of founder Tatiana Jerome. As a passionate twitter and facebook participant she quickly identified a need by others in these venues, who wanted a one stop place to go to find what they wanted and needed within their cities of interest. At the same time Tatiana being a business owner herself, also could relate to the time and frustration a business owner faces trying to get a following on twitter and facebook. Being as she has areas of expertise in being able to fill both of these needs, she along with a dedicated team went to work on meeting the needs of both parties, and the end result is found on

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