TV Host, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Introduces New Instructional Videos on Law; Algebra & Everything Else

TV host, Dr. Leigh-Davis, has a series of books and videos coming out, entitled “Dr. Leigh-Davis explains…,” which will explain everything from contract law and algebra, to how to edit video.

Los Angeles, CA, July 14, 2011 --( There are already the websites “5min” and “Howcast," now Dr. Leigh-Davis is explaining how to do anything her viewers want. Dr. Leigh-Davis and Creative Endeavors are launching a series of books; videos; and digital files to provide instruction; information; and knowledge. “I was asked to make a video overview of contract law for Teach America,” law professor Dr. Leigh-Davis explained. “My expertise is tort law, and thus, I began to explore how to make my own tort law video for students who need extra help with the subject, or just want a review,” Dr. Leigh-Davis elaborated.

Dr. Leigh-Davis is a full-time law professor and broadcast journalist, who on a daily basis, fields numerous questions from her audience. Accordingly, Creative Endeavors and Dr. Leigh-Davis teamed up to launch a viewer driven “how to” series. The series is entitled “Dr. Leigh-Davis Explains …,” and the first video to be released is “Dr. Leigh-Davis Explains Contract Law.”

“What sets us apart from other ‘how to’ videos are: one, we are viewer driven, and only answer questions people ask. Two, we answer these questions in numerous forms of media, such as books and digital files, because not everyone wants the answer in a video format,” stated Creative Endeavors executive Toby Blake, last week.

Dr. Leigh-Davis and Creative Endeavors plan to produce a new subject in the “Dr, Leigh-Davis Explains…” series, for every month, beginning this month. There will be an array of subjects, to include algebra; grammar; creative writing; and of course, many legal subjects.

Dr. Leigh-Davis was an entertainment attorney for many years, and is known for having an encyclopedic knowledge of music, among other things. Currently, Dr. Leigh-Davis is working on taping the American television show, “The Legal Analyst,” an entertainment/news magazine television program in which she stars and hosts. Additionally, Dr. Leigh-Davis continues to host the American television show “Los Angeles Philanthropic Endeavors,” (which was recently renamed, “Profiles in Philanthropy.”)

Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist, and popular TV & media personality, who regularly appears as a legal analyst and legal correspondent on NBC news, CNN and Fox news. She is also the former host of the Court TV television show, “The Court is in Session.” More information about Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television, writing and radio projects, can be found on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ official website.

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