Interns Producing Big Results at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions

This summer, three students are making their dent at BD-PRo Marketing Solutions, a company targeted at helping small business owners affordably meet their marketing objectives.

Pittsburgh, PA, July 12, 2011 --( It has only been a month since BD-PRo hired three summer interns, and the expectations are high as goals and plans are already taking shape. Michelle Lee, Kim Razuga, and Kirti Thapar have taken on individual projects for this start-up in conjunction with their interests and experience, aimed at providing invaluable information for BD-PRo customers.

“I am excited about this very talented group of interns. My internships are designed to provide students with the opportunity to put marketing concepts into business practice,” said Sheryl Johnson, Founder and CEO of BD-PRo. “As a small business owner, I need help and this is a great way to get some assistance and also help college students get real-life, tangible experience.”

Michelle Lee is currently an undergraduate student at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University for her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. She brings alot of energy to her position and focuses on public relations allowing BD-PRo to provide even more insights to small business owners through blogs, publications, and radio. Furthermore, she is using her experience in this position to create an updated guide for the BD-PRo Marketing Toolkit to help business owners write their own press releases without having to hire an agency. The BD-PRo Marketing Toolkit is BD-PRo’s capstone product, a desktop resource for small business owners to enable them to create their own marketing programs affordably and effectively.

Kim Razuga is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Mass Media and Professional Communications. She is working on a project to help companies evaluate whether to use internet marketing and to provide best practice insights for effective implementation of an online advertising program. BD-PRo aims to provide its clients and business partners with helpful hints for writing ad copy. Companies will be given gift certificates to buy ads and will work directly with the BD-PRo Team in developing effective ad copy and optimizing landing pages for the best results. From this study, BD-PRo clients can be assured whether internet marketing is appropriate for their business and learn ways they can best utilize their marketing budget. Raguza is spearheading this endeavor and she will be writing an internet advertising guide for the BD-PRo Marketing Toolkit with the results from this study to benefit small business owners.

Kirti Thapar, a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a minor in Business and Health Care Policy, is returning to Carnegie Mellon University for her Masters in the Fall. Her project focuses on business development for the BD-PRo one-of-a-kind Networking Toolkit. By the end of the summer, she will introduce the Networking Toolkit to several Networking Groups in Pittsburgh and some neighboring cities. Through this effort small business owners and their employees will learn how to leverage their time and money through more productive networking. She will also be involved in developing enhancements to the toolkit as a way to continuously add value for BD-PRo’s customers.

With the summer still young, these three interns are excited to see their projects to completion and provide BD-PRo with tangible results and techniques before the next school year starts. “I really enjoy the freedom that I have been given with this internship; I can direct and complete a project that I am truly passionate about,” says Thapar. “It’s really all about the end-users, providing them with a product that gives them the most insight and helps them get the most bang for their buck.”

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