Kaufmann-Rothstein International Enhances Trading Solutions via Live Feed for Retail Investors

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, one of the leading commodity futures and brokerage firms operating globally, has announced new enhancements to its trading solutions and capabilities via Live Free and additional trading tools designed for retail trading investors.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 12, 2011 --(PR.com)-- With the latest trading solutions enhancements, Kaufmann-Rothstein International can now provide its traders with live and free rate feed services to more than 300 trading symbols in a wide variety of commodity and financial markets. The Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s new live feed trading solution is presently used by a number of active brokers worldwide including seven of the world’s top 20 brokerage firms.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s Live Feed Service can be one of the world’s most effective, fastest and accurate commodity and financial trading feed, particularly designed for online retail investors. It becomes the standard fee for retail brokers and investors including the following instruments: 125 forex symbols, 147 stocks (CFDs), 25 indices (CFDs), 50 futures contracts and 21 commodities such as energy and metals.

Most active traders and investors who have decided to integrate their Live Feed into their chosen electronic trading platform have immediately enjoy return of investment (ROI) on the service. The Live Feed Service provides the following: increased traders’ profit by up to 40 percent with new offered trading instruments and large market penetration; prevented substantial losses from scalpers and arbitrages; improved traders’ activities and volumes with an exact mid-price and spread that replicates market volatility and optimal tick data; and enhanced traders and investors’ reputation by facilitating spike-free and faultless trade execution.

As part of the live feed service, Kaufmann-Rothstein International also provides investors’ supervising and anti-swindling services. Kaufmann-Rothstein International manages closely most outgoing price quotes from other brokers’ trading platforms and compares them to the firm’s new live feed source. With nearly 10,000 trading tricks amassed in its database per second, Kaufmann-Rothstein International can match investors’ activity as opposed to actual market rates to check the validity and legitimacy of clients’ trades. Backed by our professional and experienced trading team, available anytime of the day, anywhere in the world, Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s live feed service is definitely a unique service.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International
Paul Reeves