Laeken International’s Trading Office in Japan Commenced

Laeken International, an international leading commodity futures and brokerage firm, has announced recently the commencement of its brokerage trading operation in Japan, particularly focused on foreign exchange market, precious metals, energies and contract for difference.

Zurich, Switzerland, July 13, 2011 --( David Collins, Laeken International’s Chief Operation Officer, said: “We are about to commence our forex trading operation in Japan and we are extremely happy for that because we know Japan as one of the Asian countries where forex is very popular and well understood. We will be applying the same forex model program we used in our US-based forex trading operation and we are confident that with the same model concentrated on highly advanced trading technology, international standard of customer service and team of trading experts, we will be able to provide and meet the needs of forex traders in Japan. We expect immediate business forex expansion not only in Japan but as well in the entire Asia Pacific Region.”

“Aside from forex trading service, we will also endeavor to offer trading services on precious metals, energy and contract for difference. We understand that Asia Pacific Region is one of the best resources and providers of base and precious metals. We also see trading opportunities on energy markets as there are some countries in Asia that have undiscovered sources of energy. We are expecting therefore, that in the years to come, energy and metal markets will gradually flourish in this region,” added Collins.

With the full support of Laeken International main trading office in Switzerland, their trading desk in Japan will hit the ground running, integrating its respective trading experiences to boost this initiative in Japan. Starting August 1, Laeken International will be providing a complete suite of trading services to Japanese traders and investors with technological supports from its proprietary electronic trading systems.

“It is within our mission that we are able to establish a physical trading office in Japan and capitalize on the immense commodity trading potential from Asian traders who consider us as one of the leading trading services providers around the world,” said Collins.

Laeken International
Greg Newman