USV&D's Amercian Red Cross Project Highlighted at Inter-Tel's 2007 Business Partner Conference

U.S. Voice & Data, a Louisville, KY based technology company, was recently highlighted at the Inter-Tel 2007 Business Partner Conference for their unbelievable response to the American Red Cross’ downed phone system.

Louisville, KY, March 24, 2007 --( Louisville, KY based, U.S. Voice & Data, was recently highlighted for their outstanding work for the American Red Cross. Inter-Tel highlighted the company’s reaction, response time, and follow through to a client’s (American Red Cross) downed phone system via a video presentation at Inter-Tel’s 2007 Business Partner Conference.

U.S. Voice & Data had been working with the American Red Cross in Louisville for several months when Scott Diamond, U.S. Voice & Data’s owner, received an urgent call from the President of the American Red Cross late on a Friday night. The issue was the American Red Cross’ old phone system had been having problems the entire night. Not a huge deal for most American Red Cross chapters, however, the Louisville chapter’s call center serves over 140 chapters in 42 states. Diamond reacted quickly pulling a U.S. Voice & Data team together to pull the needed equipment out of inventory, program the equipment, install it, and train users on it. A total of approximately 124 phones were up and operational less than 24 hours after Diamond received the call from the Red Cross.

“We always pride ourselves in doing everything we can to make our customers’ lives easy”, says Diamond. “This was an extreme circumstance that helped our company take the next step up the ladder. The team play that it took to pull this off was unbelievable and a testament to what we can and are willing to do for our clients.”

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Brian Borgman