Cranium Candy Entertainment Announces the Completion of "Raw Edge" – a Short Gangster Movie

Los Angeles, CA, July 13, 2011 --( Cranium Candy Entertainment has completed its new Drama/Dark Comedy - “Raw Edge.” The 31 minute short movie was shot in both Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany.

A pair of wannabe Hitmen - Saul (clever, calculating) and Vincent (torture first, ask questions later,) rough up a businessman in the mountains. They cruise to a seedy bar to get their pay-out from Bailey – a self-important “Company” CFO. They’re not too happy when Bailey adds on severance pay and sends them walking.

Across the Atlantic – Berlin. Bailey’s rich Employer dodges into an abandoned warehouse and throws a bagful of cash at the feet of kidnappers holding his daughter, Heidi captive. Father and daughter embrace in a happy reunion… But things are not what they seem. The next morning, Heidi is hanging out with her “kidnappers” – gloating over the money they tricked her Rich Daddy out of. She sends the cash to Bailey in L.A., to launder and slip into their bank accounts... but Bailey is getting cold feet and hides the cash. Heidi rehires Saul and Vincent to keep Bailey and his Hungarian girlfriend under tight surveillance. Saul and Vincent face a big decision – get the paycheck from Heidi for “babysitting” Bailey, or have Bailey cash them in with a share of the hidden money. Greed and desperation cause things to spiral out of control. The whereabouts of the money becomes clear… but they are soon hit with a stark realization none of them expected.

“Raw Edge” stars Danilo Mancinelli, (Decrepit Crypt of Nightmares,” “Foul Shot”) and newcomer Jorge Guerrero as his sidekick, Vincent. Jeffery Hauser (“Foul Shot,” “Split Second,”) plays Bailey and Gyorgyi Forintos plays his doting girlfriend. In Berlin, Grit Erlebach ("Milchkaffee") is Heidi, the daughter of an Industrialist Mogel, played by Brian Smith.

Kirk Bowman wrote and directed “Raw Edge.” He shot much of the movie in Berlin, with European actors. “It began as a dark Buddy Movie with two misfit Gangsters,” recalled Bowman. “We shot in Friedrichshain, a part of the old East Berlin. My Germany Production Manager, Marco Friedrich discovered an abandoned, graffiti-filled warehouse that was just crying out to be a Cranium Candy movie location!” “Raw Edge” is produced by Bowman and Mancinelli and Co-Producer is Kurt Gallant. Bowman and Mancinelli also produced "Decrepit Crypt of Nightmares” together. The Cinematographer is Albert Nichols, and Post Production is by Kurt Gallant of

Bowman started Cranium Candy Entertainment, a B-Movie Production Company, in 1998 and has produced over 15 features such as “Bittersweet Lies ” and shorts that include supernatural dramas - “Counterfeit Treasures,” and “Into Thin Air” and offbeat comedy, “Santa Claus vs. the Christmas Vixens.” Bowman also plays Sam the Businessman in “Raw Edge.”

There are no immediate plans for distribution - “Raw Edge” was produced to first be entered into International Film Festivals. The official “Raw Edge” Imdb page is For further information, please contact Kirk Bowman at

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