Photo Gift Company Donates 30% of Sales to Walk America

Personalways™ supports the March of Dimes by sponsoring Jenna’s Team in Walk America.

Cumberland, MD, March 27, 2007 --( As life continues to become increasingly hectic, we attempt to focus more time on children, family, celebrations and vacations. With the convenience offered by digital photography, more people are capturing these moments with photographs. Although considered valuable family possessions, display and storage space may be limiting the actual enjoyment received.

“We love our photos, but often times, they end up in albums or boxes, stored on a shelf or in a closet. At Personalways™, we offer a unique way to incorporate those precious memories into apparel for the entire family, office supplies, even home and garden decoration.” comments Personalways ™ CEO Christina Nolan. “The most precious and irreplaceable photos can be on display everywhere in your home, office and garden, for everyone to enjoy.” Nolan says.

The Personalways ™ team is experienced in photo editing and manipulation and is knowledgeable in Photoshop and Draw software. Their photo transfer process utilizes sublimation technology which produces one of the highest quality, most vibrant and durable, photo transfers available. They employ multiple photo-finishes and treatments, a variety of fonts and colors in combination with hundreds of unique product blanks to create your custom photo gift. “We work on a one-to-one basis with each customer and strive to exceed their expectations. With over 29 years of combined, customer care experience, we know what they’re looking for”, says Nolan.

“In business and in life, we place a high value on people and their families”, states Nolan. It is because of these values that Personalways™ is working with “Jenna’s Team” in the March of Dimes, Walk America held at Rocky Gap State Park in Cumberland, Maryland on April 21st.

When asked about “Jenna’s Team”, Nolan explained, “Jenna is a little girl that was still born at 8 ½ months. Had she been born she would have had a rare birth defect known as esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula, which occurs in 1 of 3000 to 5000 births. In an attempt to increase awareness, Jennifer and John established “Jenna’s Team”, in their daughter’s memory, and are participating in the March of Dimes Walk America. They approached us for their team’s shirts and of course we agreed to help.”

Ms. Nolan continued, “That just didn’t seem like enough. We felt the need to do more and it was then that we decided to dedicate a portion of all sales through April 20th to sponsoring the team. All monies will be donated to the March of Dimes by way of Walk America and “Jenna’s Team”. It is a wonderful feeling to do something for such a worthy cause and it is our hope that our customers will rally together with us!” Nolan went on to say, “Birth defects, premature births and infant mortality continue to adversely affect many families. It is our hope that by contributing a portion of our sales to the March of Dimes and Walk America, we can make a difference.”

Visit Personalways ™ online at to get high quality, custom photo gifts for yourself or a loved one while assisting the March of Dimes and Walk America in the fight against birth defects, premature births and infant mortality.

Christina Nolan