Banjo Strings: New Horror/Fantasy Podcast Novel

Los Angeles, CA, March 25, 2007 --( A pair of plantation slave ghosts are carrying out a mission of vengeance against the first-born sons of two old and prominent plantation families in Wainwright County, Mississippi. This tightly kept secret is exposed in a letter to a new cable and internet show sponsored by the recently exposed secret organization "The Campus" that has monitored and policed the supernatural world for over a century.

The show's producer, a descendant of the agency's founder, discovers evidence pointing to a renegade band within the agency, helping keep the families' dark secret. He is forced to "recruit" an old friend, a disgraced former TV reporter, and send him undercover to the post-Katrina landscape of Wainwright County. Dodging the local sherrif and the families was one thing, dealing with the unpredictable and deadly ghost Polly was another...

Banjo Strings is the latest artistic endeavor from Chicago Saloon Poet and LA Podcaster Larry Winfield. What began as a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project in 2005 has become a serialized audiobook being released in episodic form. This is the first podcast novel that isn't an adaptation of a previously published story - it's being written and published live.

Larry Winfield was an active member of the Chicago Poetry Scene from 1990 to 2002. He hosted open mics, produced short films, and traveled to Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco on poetry excursions, performing with ensemble groups as well as his own poetry band Brass Orchid. In 1996 he organized the protest poetry reading at the Democratic National Convention, and hosted a weekly poetry and jazz show on pirate station Guerilla Love Radio as DJ Merlot. He currently lives in LA and produces the weekly music and spoken word podcast "Sundown Lounge."

12.23 Press
Larry Winfield