Free Webinar Invitation, Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics, July 28th

ATS’s webinar, “Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics” is being held July 28th, 2PM Eastern Time. ATS is extending an open invitation to the thermal management community.

Norwood, MA, July 12, 2011 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc, ATS, will present a free technical engineering webinar “Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics” on Thursday, July 28, from their Boston-area design and manufacturing campus.

Consumer electronics products are featuring increasingly more sophisticated processors, DSPs and FPGAs. They are even being deployed in military and other hostile environments. These sophisticated technologies allow a wide range of features, but they have higher thermal management needs. ATS’s webinar will equip engineers to understand how to cool these types of devices economically.

Attendees will learn the key thermal issues to consider, including the importance of spreading resistance in components, and system thermal management. They will learn thermal stress factors affecting enclosed cabinets and how to manage direct solar load.

Dr. Kaveh Azar, president of ATS will present this webinar live on Thursday, July 28th starting at 2:00 p.m. EST. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during and after the event.

“Consumer electronics are being increasingly more intelligent,” says Dr. Azar. “the use of microprocessors, networking and other high speed technologies create products that provide unparalleled convenience to consumers. However all these electronics must be thermally managed in order for them to be the best use possible for consumers.”

The webinar will be recorded. Interested engineers and other thermal professionals who cannot attend the July 28th webinar due to times zones or other pre-commitments, are encouraged to register in order to receive access to the archive.

To register for the free ATS webinar “Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics”” visit and scroll down to the “Thermal Management of Consumer Electronics” registration button.

Throughout 2011, ATS is presenting a series thermal management webinars for engineers, designers and program managers with an interest in electronics cooling. Each of the one-hour tutorials includes detailed visuals and real time narration by an ATS thermal management expert. Viewers will be able to key in questions during and after the presentation.

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
Andrea Koss