Compete From Home, Announces a National Singing Contest

Starting April 16, 2007 a new online music contest is helping the music industry to discover the next big musical sensation, putting the future of tomorrow's stars in the hands of the fans. This is cyberspace at its best.

New York, NY, March 26, 2007 --(, a premier music site, has just released the details about a new singing contest that's poised to give American Idol® a run for its money. The Ultimate Singing Contest, which is slated to begin on April 16, 2007, will take place online exclusively at All free and open to the public, the Ultimate Singing Contest will afford unknown singing sensations with the opportunity to have their original songs exposed to a global listening audience. Singers who would like to sign up for the competition can do so online at

The popularity of American Idol® -- and other ensuing shows -- has glamorized the music industry to the point where anyone with access to a microphone these days fancies him or herself a superstar. The fact remains, however, that it is very hard to hit the big time. Even if a singer is fortunate enough to gain exposure on a show like American Idol®, the fame is often fleeting and comes with a hefty price tag: signing one's career away to the show's producers.

Where then do the truly talented yet undiscovered turn to gain exposure? By bringing together new artists with the music fans who want to hear them, is opening new doors in the music industry. According to Michael Price of, is "a music contest site that awards new musicians prizes and cash money for popularity." In so doing, it encourages artist promotion and a new found connection to fans.

With a top prize of $1,000, a lifetime feature on's homepage and a slew of other prizes, winning the Ultimate Singing Contest is certainly nothing to sneeze at. But because the winner is determined by listener votes, the fan exposure each contestant will garner is a commodity that can't be measured in terms of dollar value. isn't all about the competition either. Price explains, "Artists can sell digital downloads and make money with their music. They [] are packed with features and have free spots available, but as popularity and demand continue to increase, we speculate that free spots may decrease. So, this is definitely a site that all new artists, regardless of their musical genre, need to check out now." It's also a great place for music fans to hear new music first, and it's completely free of charge.

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