Kaufmann-Rothstein International Focuses on Providing Credit Risk Management Solutions for Institutional Investors

Kaufmann-Rothstein International, one of the most established leaders in commodity futures and options and brokerage trading announced recently it would further focus on providing top-notch solutions for credit risk management.

Haarlem, Netherlands, July 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Today, it announced the availability of a ground-breaking and innovative credit risk management solutions called Commodity Credit Risk Suite which is an across-the-board credit risk management solutions that is exclusively designed to practically calculate, supervise and reduce the risks taking place from counterparty default.

“Financial constancy sometimes depends upon the latest standpoint of credit exposure and market liquidity. In connection, most companies need significant information and analysis tools to predict changes and appropriately adjust to reduce potential risks,” said Mr. Elwood DePue, Senior Marketing Strategist of Kaufmann-Rothstein International.

“Commodity Credit Risk Suite Solution offers a more detailed and precise illustration of credit exposure not only in a current market condition but on pressured scenarios as well. With direct access to thorough, feasible credit exposure and liquidity information will allow companies to place the exact level of credit reserves and remove those possibly damaging costs of unfavorable credit events,” DePue added.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s new credit risk management solution offers on-demand access to the required information to secure a firm’s cash and creditworthiness. This solution determines existing and futures risk exposure by utilizing current, detailed and lawfully enforceable information and not past approximations. The new credit risk management solution also simplifies the security management process by regulating contractual and margining terms and obtaining particular formulas to certainly determine liquidity obligations. It provides precise detailed and laddering information for counterparties, taking over hundreds of data points into one depository which can be utilized to much improve risk profiles management.

“Most institutional organizations work harder with disorganized and ineffective credit processes, complicated and erroneous counterparty data and latency of essential information to make well-timed credit risk decisions. For them, it’s a total waste of their precious time,” said Dustin Redmon, Kaufmann-Rothstein International’s Senior Vice President for Credit Risk Management Solutions.

“With our newly offered credit risk management solutions, you will definitely gain accuracy and efficiency; issues that currently take several hours or even days to answer can now be addressed in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can also control the information in order to make risk-adjusted decisions, use the most excellent practice techniques for lowering credit risk exposure and enhance reporting to regulators, shareholders and agencies,” added Redmon.

Kaufmann-Rothstein International
Paul Reeves