Laeken International Reveals Possibility of Offering Zero Spread to Online Forex Traders

Laeken International, one of the most effective and fast-rising commodity futures and brokerage firms in the industry today and recent participant in the highly aggressive online brokerage, has announced that it would be providing zero spreads to online forex traders when it crosses the market threshold in the next few weeks.

Z├╝rich, Switzerland, July 15, 2011 --( With an escalating number of traders attempting to trade in the most liquid global markets, Laeken International has acknowledged its potential to get a trading competitive advantage. As electronic trading continues to influence the future of commodity and financial markets, it seems a competition among the brokerage firms is on the rise.

The announcement of zero spread offering appears timely in a commodity market that has attracted substantial attention in the recent months, given that U.S. and Australian dollars are soaring to a new high record, not to mention the escalating number of global clients entering in the world’s most active and liquid markets.

"More and more active traders are integrating foreign exchange products and strategies in their online investment portfolios," David Collins, Laeken International’s Chief Operating officer said. “With our market model, most of our clients will be charged according to the volume they are trading, not an artificial premium, which we might also refer to the fixed spreads made and charge by other online brokers.”

Laeken International has the capacity to offer zero spreads because it employs Direct Market Access model. Direct Market Access allows traders and investors to position their trade orders directly with their chosen market exchange, eradicating the need for brokers to have to make markets. Although it is impossible to maintain a zero spread all the time, Laeken International can ensure traders and investors that it will regularly appear on some major forex pairs.

Laeken International
Greg Newman