Don't Let the Use of Removable USB Devices Endanger Your Company's Security

Palos Park, IL, March 26, 2007 --( Beyond If Solutions and CenterTools invite you to a Webinar on Wednesday, March 28, 2007, 1-2PM (CDT). 

USB has become the standard for connecting devices to computers and laptops. With the growth of USB has come new threats to data integrity:

*The majority of data theft is perpetrated by insiders. These criminals can copy large amounts of data to mobile storage devices targeting research data, customer lists, credit card information, competitive data and more. With DriveLock you can control who can copy data to and from a mobile storage device.

*USB sticks are lost or stolen every day. DriveLock automatically and transparently encrypts the data on mobile storage devices to safeguard your data.

*Uncontrolled peripherals can give intruders access to corporate networks. These devices can also contain viruses and malware. DriveLock gives you total control over the use of ports on all computers in your network.

*The uncontrolled use of peripheral devices causes troubleshooting problems that are time-consuming and expensive. DriveLock ensures that only approved devices are connected to the computers in your network.

This presentation will provide information about these threats and how to protect your business using CenterTools' DriveLock 4.1 mobile device management software. Reserve your seat now! Space is limited. Register for this Webinar at:

Go to for a free 30 day trial of DriveLock 4.1.

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Terrence F. Doheny