New Smartec Security Offer – 16CH Digital Video Recorder with Full D1 and PTZ-Cameras Control

New Smartec STR-1674 Alpha Series digital video recorder is designed to record and store video information from 16 analog cameras. This model uses H.264 codec and can record video in Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution at up to 400 fps of recording speed.

Tallinn, Estonia, July 17, 2011 --( Smartec STR-1674 network video recorder is designed to digitize, record and play back images from analog cameras of medium CCTV system. This DVR records video in H.264 with up to Full D1 (720x576 pix.) resolution at 400 fps of a maximum recording speed. It is equipped with a motion detector, 4 alarm inputs and one output for executive devices connection. In addition, digital video recorder provides remote PTZ-cameras control and records video with sound information. Management and configuration of STR-1674 can be carried out with the control panel, IR remote control, USB-mouse and remotely over the network via RMS professional software.

STR-1674 has slots for 2 optional SATA HDDs, which are selected individually for each object. For effective disk space usage, 16CH DVR allows the operator to set different recording modes: Continuous, Schedule, Event, Pre-Alarm and Emergency recording modes. To avoid losing valuable information, digital video recorder constantly check hard drive operation using S.M.A.R.T. technology, which provides the opportunity to receive warning information in case of HDD malfunction.

STR-1674 recording settings can be set individually for each channel, providing recording in H.264 video format. This digital video recorder ensures high-quality recording with 400/100 fps of the maximum recording speed for 352x288 pix. and 720x576 pix. resolutions respectively. To view current and archive video, 16CH DVR is equipped with BNC and VGA video outputs, as well as Spot-port for monitor connection, alarm video transmission or viewing images from cameras in a switching mode.

STR-1674 is bundled with RMS management software, allowing the operator to register CCTV devices and view current or archive video from a remote PC. For monitoring of current situation on the application CCTV operator can use the RMS mobile version for BlackBerry, iPhone, PDA with Windows Mobile 5/6 and the Android-devices. In addition, this digital video recorder provides simultaneous access to video information for more than 5 users. STR-1674 and RMS software enables the installer to deploy local or geographically distributed monitoring systems, by combining multiple devices on the network with the main point of video monitoring.

Due to RS-485/RS-232 interfaces, the new digital video recorder allows the operator to control PTZ-functions of the cameras that support Pelco P/D telemetry protocols. In addition, PTZ-cameras can be controlled via DVRs remotely using the system keyboard (Smartec STT-CN3R1) or PC via RMS software.

To perform security functions, STR-1674 is equipped with 4 alarm inputs for external alarm sensors and an output to control external executive devices. Upon receiving an alarm signal, a security operator can activate an emergency recording by pressing a single button on the front panel or remote control. Video quality and recording speed can be configured individually for each channel with the possibility to apply these settings automatically. This digital video recorder can also copy important video clips to external hard drives via USB-port, or on CD/DVD-discs with the optional DVD/RW-drive.

New Smartec STR-1674 digital video recorders are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STR-1674 and other Smartec CCTV equipment, please, contact your Smartec dealers directly.

Under Smartec brand name, a wide range of equipment is supplied, allowing to build traditional and digital video surveillance systems of any configuration and complexity. The product line includes standard analog cameras (B/W, color and “day-night”), IP-cameras, varifocal lenses, speed dome cameras, 15”-32” LCD-monitors, 4-32-ch and digital video recorders, IP-video servers, camera housings, brackets and other video surveillance devices.

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