Photo Lab Launches Mail-in Service for Disposable Cameras Offers Simple Solution for Processing, Scanning, Printing

Dover, NH, July 20, 2011 --( Disposable (‘single-use’) cameras were—even just a decade ago—a major trend in photography, and they are still popular items in drugstores and tourist areas today. But the digital revolution has driven many photo labs out of business, meaning that many people find themselves with disposable cameras but without a place to have them developed. To cater to this need, Photosmith—a photo lab in Dover, NH that has been processing and printing pictures for over thirty years—has started a new website,

The website emphasizes simplicity—simply print a prepaid mailing label, choose how many sets of prints you would like, and pop the camera in a bubble mailer in a USPS drop box. You’ll receive your images back roughly a week later. A full set of scans of images is complimentary; it will be returned on a CD with the customer’s negatives by mail. Customers can pay by check, credit card, or Paypal.

Steve Frank, owner of the Photosmith, says that questions about disposable cameras are among the most common questions that he encounters. “People have these cameras around, from a wedding, or a family trip, and they don’t know what to do with them,” he said. “We hate thinking about people throwing away their memories, and we still have the capacity to process their single-use cameras, so we wanted to reach out to make sure everyone had a place to develop them.”

Part of the fun of having disposable cameras developed is that in many cases the images were captured long ago. “We’ve had people find photos of family members that have since passed away, photos of important days in their children’s lives…” Frank says. “It’s so wonderful to hear back from people when they say, ‘Wow! I’m so glad I had that camera developed. I had forgotten all about that camping trip, or that birthday party.’ When I got into the photo business almost forty years ago, the photo business was really the memory business. It’s nice to get back to that with”

Megan Frank