NYC Security Camera Installation Specialists 360 Protection Offering Property Owners Free Building Security Analysis

New York, NY, July 20, 2011 --( New York Based Security experts 360 Protection has recently announced that they’re now offering a free in-building security analysis to property owners in New York Tri-State Area. Now, those who own buildings across major cities in the U.S. such as New York and Washington, DC will gain first-hand access to the in-house expertise of one of the top Security Installation specialists in NYC.

As part of this special offer, a representative from 360 Protection will visit the client’s residential building and assess the site while looking for flaws within their current security network and showing the property owners the areas in which their security network leaves them vulnerable to intruders. After consulting with the property owner and explaining the many types of security solutions available within the 360 catalogue, the company representative will then pinpoint a solution that directly fits with the client’s exact requirements.

Through this exceptional offering, NYC landlords can now gain access to a large suite of Security Camera Installation services, each of which is designed to provide leading-class levels of protection for their property and those living inside.

User-friendly operation is one of the leading advantages to using the latest security systems. No longer are there complex steps to remember while trying to operate security apparatus during an emergency. The latest products emanating from the security market can be operated at the touch of a button, ensuring a fast-action response during a security breach.

In addition, recent advances within home security technology have made these innovative products more economically viable for the American residential market. And through the work of experts such as 360 Protection, that technology is now being installed and integrated across American homes and businesses to form a high security barrier against intrusion.

360 Protection
Stav Kimchy