Twitter, a Potential Online Marketing Tool, is Offered by BullsEye Marketing

BullsEye Marketing, an advertising agency in NJ, will run Twitter accounts for clients so that their clients get the most out of this unique online marketing tool.

Scotch Plains, NJ, July 20, 2011 --( In 2010, Twitter had 105 million users and the owners believe that 300 thousand new users sign up everyday. That is a whole lot of users and more importantly to business owners, a whole lot of consumers. At this moment in time, Twitter is a relatively untapped marketing pool. In order to advertise on Twitter, all a person or company needs is to set up a free account and then to establish some followers. After that, the company or person can simply advertise their products by typing 140 characters and clicking enter. Its that easy.

But then people ask, “If it is so easy, why aren’t more people doing it?” Well, to advertise on Twitter, it takes quite a bit of time and energy because it takes experience to shrink a half page ad or 30 second commercial into 140 characters. Also, research shows that there is direct relationship between the amount of content produced and the number of followers; the accounts with the most followers, are generally the accounts that produce the most content. As a result, in order to effectively use Twitter as an online marketing tool, new content needs to be consistently produced.

But that is where BullsEye Marketing comes in. The professionals at BullsEye have experience in online marketing and Internet advertising in both local New Jersey and global markets. Additionally, they are able to create twitter, blogs and even websites in order to boost a company’s online sales. Furthermore, they will even maintain that website, twitter account or blog so that the client gets the most out of their online marketing medium. For more information about the services offered by BullsEye Marketing, please visit

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