CCIP Visits Congressman Ackerman, Attends Mets Games

Brooklyn, NY, July 20, 2011 --( On Friday (July 15, 2011), students in The Cross Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) visited Congressman Gary Ackerman's Office to observe and learn about the inner workings of the United States Government. The visit was followed by a trip to the Mets-Philles baseball game and annual post-game fireworks show at Citi Field.

The visit to Congressman Ackerman's Office was scheduled to begin at 3:30pm. The office is located on Northern Blvd. in Queens. The students met at the Flushing YMCA housing facility and travelled together by bus. Over 20 students participated in the visit.

Marc Haken, Community Liaison for Assemblyman Lancman's office, began by giving a thorough breakdown of the structure and functions of American government and the professional background of Congressman Ackerman. Haken also explained how the election process works in the US, as well as the awards and plaques hanging on the walls in the office.

"There is an important difference between American government and others. The American government works for the people, who have the right to choose who to elect in to office," said Haken.

After Haken's speech, Meghan McCormick Snell, Casework Manager and Office Manager, gave an overview of the day-to-day work in the office and how everything operates. After the presentation, she gave a tour of the office, providing insight into how a government office functions.

Following the visit to Congressman Ackerman's office, the students headed out to Citi Field to take in a match-up between the Mets and Philles. This particular game was very special as the Mets honored the history and heritage of China by designating it China Night, capping off the evening with a once-a-year post-game fireworks show.

Before the game, which began at 7:10pm, traditional Chinese songs were sung. The Flushing YMCA was also honored prior to the game. In between innings in the middle of the game, Citi Field showed a presentation celebrating the history and culture of China. The game itself turned out to be an exciting affair with the Phillies ultimately winning 4-2. After the game, Citi Field put on the once-a-year fireworks show.

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Elizabeth Kay