PaperG Launches Polly.IM, a Free Twitter Social CRM for Small Businesses

Polly.IM helps local businesses monitor and respond to their customers through Twitter.

San Francisco, CA, July 20, 2011 --( Local advertising company PaperG announced today the launch of Polly.IM (, a free Twitter tool that helps local business owners easily engage with their customers through Twitter.

For local businesses, Polly.IM monitors Twitter for mentions of the business, categorizes the tweet, and suggests an appropriate, customizable response. For example, the service can help businesses thank customers for checking-in, send coupons to new followers, and respond to comments about the business.

“We designed Polly.IM to make Twitter accessible and usable for small business owners,” said Victor Wong, CEO of PaperG. “Twitter is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but unfortunately most local business owners just don't know how to keep up with all their customers or how to use Twitter consistently. After first starting, these businesses get fatigued and overwhelmed. We created Polly.IM to solve this problem,” he added.

Using Polly.IM is straightforward – a business owner needs only to sign up on the service’s website and pre-record customized messages for Polly to send to the business’ customers for different categories of tweets. After that, Polly monitors Twitter in real time for customers who mention the business, and selects an appropriate response to these customers.

Polly.IM was made by PaperG (, an advertising technology company with 4 years of experience helping local businesses advertise and market themselves online. Polly.IM is built off the sentiment analysis engine of another PaperG product, PlaceLocal. It uses natural language processing to determine the meaning of customer tweets and its implied attitude in order to select an appropriate response.

Polly.IM’s release coincides with Twitter’s rapid growth. With hundreds of millions of people using Twitter to broadcast their thoughts and actions, local businesses now have a unique opportunity to engage with their customers through social media. Polly.IM hopes to make it easier for businesses to capitalize on this opportunity.

PaperG plans to make available a version of Polly.IM that can be used by resellers and agencies in the near future.

About PaperG

PaperG, a local ad technology company, was founded in 2007. PaperG’s products include Flyerboard, a virtual corkboard for local online advertisements, and PlaceLocal, an ad platform that automatically builds and optimizes rich-media ads for local businesses. The company works with over 100 local media companies – including Hearst, Gannett, and Tribune – and over 10,000 local businesses.

PaperG has raised over $1MM in funding from online media and advertising experts such as Brian O'Kelly (CEO of AppNexus), Mark Potts (founder of WashingtonPost Digital), and Stephen Taylor (founder of PaperG is based in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit

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