Addiction Directions Offers Fresh Solutions to Age Old Problem of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Addiction Directions, founded by the CFO of the highly renowned Mark Houston Recovery Center, offers a wide variety of unique approaches for families and businesses, to help those in the clutches of addiction regain control of their lives.

Manor, TX, March 27, 2007 --( Addiction to drugs and alcohol is nothing new, but John Fitzgerald’s approach to addiction recovery and his company’s new website are.  John Fitzgerald, President of Addiction Directions, ( offers anything but average approach to addiction recovery.  In addition to serving as the Chief Financial Officer for the highly renowned Mark Houston Recovery Center, Fitzgerald launched Addition Directions in 2006 to provide the services he felt were lacking in the traditional recovery field.

Fitzgerald says his sober living system approach is successful because unlike many other resources, the Addiction Directions team has all had first hand experience with addiction and recovery.  “The logic of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol just doesn’t make sense to someone in a healthy frame of mind that has never experienced this insanity.  To truly reach addicts and to give them the tools they need to recover, you’ve got to have been there and back,” says Fitzgerald.

The company’s new website boasts services such as VIP Safe Trips, a service where a recovery coach discreetly accompanies business travelers on trips to navigate through stressful situations that can lead to relapse.  Also highlighted on the new site are Addiction Direction’s Sober Living Home— a residential program designed around accountability and a high level of communication between residents, staff, and sponsors.

According to Fitzgerald, the most common problem among families and businesses that are dealing with a person abusing drugs or alcohol face, is reaching the person in a way that will solve their problem rather than enable them.

“There are a lot of recovery options available—and they are as different as the individuals themselves.  Not every recovery solution will be a good match for every person and not every recovery environment is healthy.  Choosing the wrong solution can mean that there is no progress made toward recovery and can even make things worse by creating a sense of failure if the recovery attempt is unsuccessful.  Finding a recovery option that is the right fit for the substance of addiction and an individual’s personality can make all the difference in the world,” Fitzgerald says.

Though Fitzgerald is the CFO for the Mark Houston Recovery Center, a males-only residential center specializing in drug and alcohol addiction, his team offers consultation on a wide variety of recovery and sober living solutions dependant on an individual’s personality and addiction type.  Addiction Directions offers solutions for an expansive number of addictions including sex, co-dependency, gambling, and eating.

About Addiction Directions:  Addiction Directions ( is a resource and referral center for those suffering from substance abuse and other addictions.  The company’s approach to addiction recovery is based on high levels of personal accountability and communication.  Founded by John Fitzgerald, CFO of the much heralded Mark Houston Recovery Center, Addiction Directions is based in Austin Texas and serves clientele throughout the United States.

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