Alimentari - An Authentic Italian Delicatessen (and So Much More)

Ferlo's Alimentari opens in the Triangle area.

Raleigh, NC, March 27, 2007 --( Ferlo’s Alimentari has opened in the Plantation Square neighborhood. Located at 6320 Capital Blvd, Suite 123, Alimentari carries only the freshest imported Italian meats and cheeses, along with a wide variety of prepared foods to tickle the taste buds of even the staunchest olde-World Italian. Chef Frank Ferlo prepares a delectable array of goodies – and tasting is free – as well as baking fresh, tasty bread each morning.

Daily specials include unique paninis, sandwiches, and homemade soups. Ferlo also makes homemade sweet and hot Italian sausage, and a variety of sauces – all ready to heat and eat.

Alimentari is now taking reservations for Easter dishes and graduation parties. Their full catering menu, along with a sneak peek of what’s available in-store, is available for download on their website at

Alimentari is also willing to help out local nonprofits with specialty nights and sales. If you are a nonprofit and interested in having a portion of Alimentari’s sales donated to your organization, please contact Frank or Amy at Alimentari at 919-877-9723. Their unique program can help nonprofit organizations raise money in a variety of ways. Special purchase days, discounts, and specialty events are just a few ways they can help.

Check out Ferlo’s Alimentari next time you are on your way to the Towne Center. They promise you’ll come back again and again!

About Ferlo’s Alimentari
The Ferlo and Bravo families can be traced to a small village near Rome, Italy, but the stories remembered began in the small town of Rome, NY. It was a town filled with Italian-Americans and they were among the many. Children of Virginia Bravo and Frank Ferlo Sr., Amy Ferlo-Tewksbury and Frank Ferlo Jr. grew up in an environment that was rich in ethnic traditions, all of which revolved around food. It’s really true that Italians LOVE to eat! And they eat at every gathering - so the ability to prepare a meal is just a natural progression of things. "Schooling” was the countless hours spent in kitchens watching mothers and aunts, learning the same way they did, watching their mothers and aunts.

Gathering with family and friends around food was a way of life. Holidays, Sundays, everyday. All were spoiled with the quality and the HUGE amount of different foods mom and Aunt Jeanie prepared. Dinnertime with the whole family was an essential part of the daily routine. When asked, “what’s for dinner?”, Ma would say, “whatever your heart desires.” She filled the table with a seemingly endless variety of choices! When anyone entered the house, they were offered something to eat or drink (and mom and dad would be offended if they didn’t accept!) Dad always said… “Sit down, relax, have something to eat…what’s the hurry?” So many fond memories…

As time passes, our elders who gave traditions and memories are slowly leaving. The family is now charged with giving their children these same gifts. Because the Ferlo's value their traditions so much, they want to share them with you. They want you to feel like family. Most of the meals Alimentari offers are from “family recipes.” Some are their own creations and some are an Alimentari twist on a familiar dish. Sharing food is part of their culture and preparing whatever is desired is something they genuinely love to do. 

Their philosophy is simply this: When you come through the door, you'll be treated like family. You will be taken care of like they were taken care of. They hope you’ll experience an abundance of laughs, love, and good conversation as all get to know each other.

So come on over and let them spoil you like mom spoiled them… because “That’s what we do here.”

Ferlo’s Alimentari
6320 Capital Boulevard, Suite 123 | Raleigh NC 27616
Phone (919) 877-9723 | fax (919) 877-9724

Contact: Nancie McClendon, Dragonfly Marketing
Phone: 757-766-0025

Ferlo's Alimentari
Nancie McClendon