New Massage Practice in Hamilton Ontario Addresses Your Pain Through Rational Assessment and Treatment Planning

As other massage therapists work away on perfecting their relaxation techniques, Jennifer Fleming RMT does things a little differently. A new location and a fresh look at how a massage therapist fits into the health care team.

Hamilton, Canada, September 01, 2011 --( Jen Fleming RMT began her career two years ago in Hamilton Ontario filled with dreams of bringing better health care to her community. In 2011, Jennifer is that much closer to her goal with a new office and a new style. Still in the heart of Hamilton Ontario, at 263 John St S, Jennifer has found her groove. Assessment and solid treatment planning are the keys to understanding your body in health and dysfunction, and Jennifer intends to use those keys.

All other health care professionals perform assessments at the start of their treatment plan, and periodically through out. "A massage therapist is a highly trained professional who knows how your body works, and what it means when it doesn't," says Jennifer. "Unfortunately, most RMTs do not approach treatment with a solid assessment, preferring to rely on guess work and very deep tissue techniques." But Jennifer is working to change that, in her office at least.

In Jen Fleming RMT’s treatment room, problem solving is the name of the game. "Knowing what the problem is, not just the symptoms but the cause, is 2/3 of getting better. The rest is knowing how the body heals itself and how to augment those natural abilities." And it is this thinking that allows Jennifer to work with the rest of her client's health care team. "Communicating with chiropractors, physicians etc is an important part of serving the community as a health care professional. It helps a great deal to know exactly what you are talking about."

At Jennifer's clinic an assessment is performed at the beginning of the first treatment, and every second or third treatment after. This makes it easier to understand the problem from the outset and track progress through out the treatment plan. It also cuts down on lengthy treatment plans or, worse, the need for perpetual treatment. Because at the end of the day, results mean more than "feeling relaxed." Massage therapists can do a lot more than produce happy, relaxed feelings. As Jennifer often tells her clients, "relaxation is a by product of being in a happy healthy body."

For example, an older female came in with complaints of pain in her left hip with shooting pain running from groin to knee. During assessment it became apparent that the majority of the problem lay within the right hip which was almost completely immobilized. Her lumbar spine was also fixated in a rotational pattern that did little to help. Knowing this, Jennifer was able to work out a lot of the stuck joints, restoring better motion to the hip and low back. After 2 – 3 weeks the client realized the shooting pains in her left leg and hip had stopped. She was now able to participate in a walking program enabling her to address some of her other health concerns.

By performing simple postural and range of motion assessments, the source of discomfort can be found, making treatment much more efficient. “Knowing the cause of the problem leads to knowing the corrective course of action,” says Jennifer. Just a few minutes of assessment at the beginning of a treatment saves on a lot of time and money, getting clients back on their feet sooner. With a few dollars still in their pockets.

Jen Fleming RMT lives and works in Hamilton Ontario. For more information about Jennifer’s practice, or to contact her please visit

Jen Fleming RMT
905 869 0671

Jen Fleming RMT
Jen Fleming
905 869 0671