New Gluten Intolerance Website Launched

New website offering free information, advice and recommendations in all aspects of Gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease and Wheat allergy.

London, United Kingdom, September 09, 2011 --( Gluten Intolerance Info is pleased to announce the launch of its new website. The website will include information, advice and recommendations on all aspects of gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease and Wheat allergy.

The site will also describe the various aspects of the condition as well as symptoms, alternatives to gluten including gluten free bread, recipes and diets as well as other gluten free products including the exciting world of digestive enzymes (these clever things allow people who have gluten intolerance and inadvertently consumed a product containing gluten to stop them being adversely affected by such symptoms as bloating, constipation etc).

The site will also be recommending the best books, courses and programs out there to help you live a gluten free life. In addition to all this there will also be links to other authoritative websites to give you even more useful information.

This site should be a one stop shop for anyone who has Gluten Intolerance, Celiac Disease, Wheat Allergy or who thinks they might. It will explain what each of these conditions are, the symptoms and the treatment. As well as other extra useful and interesting articles.

Over the past 10 years many more people are being diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and the more serious Celiac Disease. It is thought that as many as 1 in 133 Americans alone are suffering with some form of Gluten Intolerance. Even celebrities aren't immune to this condition, Wimbledon Champion Novak Djokovic is one as are actress Rachel Weisz , TV host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, actor Ryan Phillippe, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell, actress Emmy Rossum and Chelsea Clinton to name a few. So if you think being gluten-free is going to hold you back, think again. With the help of this website suffering from Gluten Intolerance just got a whole lot easier.

Gluten Intolerance Information
Jason Russell