Businesses: Water Waste Draining the Budget?

New Irrigation Technologies Can Save Big Bucks in Landscaping Costs

Stamford, CT, July 22, 2011 --( We’re approaching the hottest days of summer, and with it, comes drought. Landscape irrigation systems are the second most costly expenditure in a landscaping budget, after weekly maintenance. Yet, we give little thought to their efficiency and the volume of water used.

Irrigation systems more than 3 – 5 years old typically operate at a paltry 30 – 40% efficiency. Resulting water waste not only strains municipal water supplies, it unnecessarily drains property maintenance budgets. Thankfully, irrigation technology has made vast advances in recent years. Here, irrigation expert Bruce Moore, Sr., President of Stamford’s Eastern Land Management shares some advantages of today's new irrigation “Smart Controllers.”

Smart controllers, called Evapotranspiration (ET) controllers, not only analyze historical climate data and evaporation rates to spot water landscapes based on individual plant requirements, they can adjust watering schedules intuitively and automatically to save money, time and water.

Installing Check valves in existing sprinkler heads keeps water from draining out of irrigation lines when the system is shut off; they are especially valuable in sloping landscapes.

Rain shutoff devices shut off the irrigation system when it rains using moisture sensors that override the system when they sense moist soil.

Drip or bubbler irrigation systems are highly efficient; placed just below the surface of the ground these systems root water grass and plants to prevent the high rate of evaporation, runoff and overspray that occurs with above ground systems.

Efficiency can also be dramatically improved with low precipitation spray, stream and sprinkler heads.

There are a number of other strategies that can be utilized to save potable water, some are common sense, some are unconventional. It is important for businesses to first have a professional water audit conducted by an irrigation specialist. This pinpoints where outdated equipment, potential system failures and identifies overall sources of water waste. A smart irrigation policy will not only save money and enhance the landscape, but it will help businesses move one step closer to sustainability.

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