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Columbus, OH, July 22, 2011 --( Senior citizens ought to know they have a choice of car insurance as long as they take a few necessary precautions. One of the leading online insurance services, Insure4USA, recently released an article titled "How to Purchase Car Insurance for The Elderly" which offers plenty of advice for seniors to reduce their insurance bills. According to the firm, recent research indicates that plenty of accidents involving motorists over 75 are a major cause for deaths and injuries as compared to other age groups. Therefore, it is important for them to consider several factors prior to purchasing car insurance.

David, spokesperson for says, "The major factor is that premiums are based on the insurance provider's past experience with drivers over 75 and their type of vehicle, which is one reason why you may find a variation in rates between providers. Age is considered a risk factor where those over 70 attract a higher collision rate that is comparable to a new driver. It is important to understand that loyalty doesn't hold much ground in these cases so you need to look at several areas that ensure safety of the driver and other people on the road."

The article lays emphasis on the fact that a decline in the physical and mental capabilities of senior motorists over 70 is something that cannot be prevented even if they follow all the safety rules. Therefore, it is important for younger family members to evaluate senior motorists in their family over the age of 65. David says, "One of the first things to monitor is response time, which is crucial when you need to step on the brakes when driving. A slower response time indicates that there could be problems while driving, so keep tabs on this issue very closely. If a senior member is under medication then make sure the drugs aren't the type that cause drowsiness. Regular checks for vision and hearing are essential, so don't hesitate to discuss these things with seniors in your home."

Senior motorists in fit condition are eligible for discounts on car insurance of up to 10% depending on the insurance provider. In addition, members of the American Association of Retired Persons are also entitled to discounts on several car insurance products. Seeking the advice of a car insurance agent can help. In addition, senior drivers can also benefit with additional defensive driving lessons for a better deal on their insurance premiums.

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