Varmia Norge Ltd Incorporated in London

Varmia Norge opens it's doors to the Nordic heating markets with offices in Oslo and Magnor.

London, United Kingdom, July 23, 2011 --( Varmia Norge Ltd has incorporated in London, UK with a branch in Norway and upcoming branches in Sweden, Denmark & Finland.

"We are using interesting hydronic floor heating technology from Sweden and are excited to enter into the growing Norwegian market first," said David Holm, Managing Director of Varmia Norge.

Varmia Norge Ltd is a provider of Varmia hydronic heating systems bundled with renewable & bio energy technology sources. The Varmia brand provides turnkey hydronic floor heating bundled with established renewable energy brands from heating pumps, solar and bio fuels. Varmia Norge Ltd is planning to build a network from its client-base to move into vertically integrated supplies of bio energy as an energy provider. Core markets are the Nordic countries with launch in Norway August 2011.

Varmia will use a new marketing approach utilizing the full extent of internet cabilities called inbound marketing. Inbound Marketing is about creating unique and remarkable content, optimise that content for search engines (SEO), blog and Social Media.

"The main objective is to 'get found' and increase traffic. Then convert visitors into leads and create a nurturing strategy towards Varmia sales. In other words, Inbound Marketing is modern relationship marketing based on research and knowledge about your marketing personas, customer data (CRM) and market information," added Tor Ellingsen, Marketing Manager at Varmia Norge.

The whole point is to attract interest for Varmia's products and services and pull traffic to your site and start develop business relations with an comprehensive Inbound Marketing strategy.

Varmia will start its operation in Norway out of Energirådhuset in Magnor working closely together with other renewable & Bio energy companies as well as termographers. Varmia plans to vertically integrate into becoming a bio energy provider to its clients in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland utilizing state-of-the-art technology and concepts.

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