PushWoosh: a Completely Free, Real Time Cross-Platform Push Notification Service

Aarau, Switzerland, July 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Love them or hate them, “Push Notifications” are here to stay. It's not surprising that each and every smartphone platform provides its own unique way to deliver “Push,” “Toast” and other types of message content – each platform has its own content delivery methods and technologies to deal with. For developers working on cross platform native apps that require push services, configuring certificates and settings for each platform is an arduous and complicated task.

Enter PushWoosh – a new venture from Arello Mobile which aims to simplify this process by allowing mobile developers to manage and send notifications from a central location to any number of platforms.

Max Konev, the creator of PushWoosh, and director of Arello Mobile, decided to build their own in-house solution to deliver push content to iPhone, Android, Nokia devices.

“Developers can now use our free service to deliver content to a number of platforms, completely for free, and they will also have the added flexibility of being able to deliver adhoc marketing content to their users with the push of a button.”

“It's a completely new approach to push notifications, and a concept that we'll be expanding to the Blackberry and Windows markets. We will also support MacOS 10.7 (lion) making it more convenient than ever to implement push notifications”

“If you have 1 million subscribers to your app – you need to think about servers, server-load, and a bunch of other stuff instead of concentrating on making your app better. Now you don't have to worry about that, or the price of hosting your push notification scripts. PushWoosh is completely Free.”

“I always believed in the power of free software and I still do. That is why we decided to make PushWoosh free,” said Max Konev, CTO of Arello Mobile.

“There are similar solutions on the market that target to achieve the same thing. Our primary goal was to make robust, easy to use solution that could send millions of messages easily.” - Alex Kryshtalev, CEO of Arello Mobile

Jude Novak, who is an IT Project Manager at the Futura Group commented that “I’ve been struggling two days to get push notifications working. I’ve done that in 10 minutes with PushWoosh.”

Starting with PushWoosh
The Pushwoosh SDK already includes comprehensive documentation describing all steps developers need to get started. Publishers can also easily integrate remote push API to send real-time alerts from their own backend service.

About Arello-Mobile
Arello Mobile is a rapidly growing company since 2009 with offices in Europe and New Zealand. The company provides various solutions: custom applications development, software on demand (SaaS) and Enterprise.

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