Forget the Lemonade… Avoid Buying a Lemon in the First Place

The Internet levels the playing field for women who are in the market to buy a previously owned automobile. presents a simple, yet detailed tutorial that helps consumers to obtain quality, dependable pre-owned vehicles.

Baton Rouge, LA, March 28, 2007 --( Thanks to the Web, more women now have a new “edge” in a largely male-dominated automotive industry. Despite having no experience or knowledge in the field of Auto Mechanics, Internet-savvy women and men as well are surfing on over to UsedCarWise.Com to purchase an online or cd set tutorial called “How To Buy a Used Car the Smart Way.”

Jerry Christopher, founder of UsedCarWise.Com, developed “How To Buy a Used Car the Smart Way” after 26 years of culling closely guarded tricks-of-the-automotive-trade. He was spurred into action after observing unscrupulous sales tactics in his industry and was resolved to help consumers minimize their risk of being ripped off, either by mistake or lack of knowledge. Says Jerry, “During my experience, I've seen countless situations where consumers have been taken advantage of by sales people, finance managers etc. Situations where they really needed a used car guide in their corner."

With a relatively small investment of $17.95, even the most novice used car buyer can learn how to inspect a used car for hidden body and paint damages, flood damages, learn the truth about vehicle history reports, used car certifications and warranty reports, how to inspect for proper maintenance and how to perform a “Proper Test Drive” and finally, how to watch out for and avoid Dealership and Seller Scams.

This informative and educational tutorial is not an e-book as some others on the web, it’s a complete descriptive process with audio, pictures and graphics to guide you along at your own pace and learn what it takes to be used car wise.

Moreover, Jerry and his team of experts stand behind their pledge to help consumers. Purchasing the tutorial “How to Buy a Used Car the Smart Way” also includes a Full Service Package: free email and phone support offering expert advice right when it’s needed most.

With UsedCarWise’s tutorial, available in CD-Rom or with high-speed internet access, more women are able to look any used car salesman squarely in the eye and ask key questions before buying. Most importantly, after doing their homework, they are purchasing used cars with the utmost confidence.

To learn more about “How to Buy a Used Car the Smart Way” call Jerry at 866 374 WISE (9473) or visit

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