Stephen Dent Construction Forms Daughter Company

Milwaukee, WI, July 24, 2011 --( Stephen Dent Construction, a leader in commercial and residential homebuilding in Wisconsin, announced today that they are forming a daughter company to work specifically in Green Building. Stephen Dent is already one of the biggest supporters of green building throughout Wisconsin, and with this bold strategic move, they are expected to gain greater market share in the Green building and traditional building worlds.

Green Thumb Construction, the daughter company formed by Stephen Dent, is expected to begin a soft launch in August, 2011, and be in full swing by the new year. This news comes quickly on the heels of several big wins for Stephen Dent, including the Green Builder Award, and the announcement of the winning bid for the Milwaukee Center for the Arts.

“Green Thumb Construction is a big deal for us,” said Stephen Dent, company owner and CEO in a press release this morning. “We take Green building very serious and we hope that with the formation of this new company, we can take Green building in Wisconsin to a new level.”

Stephen Dent Construction will continue to offer all the current green building options available today, and the company still plans on growing their green building efforts, even with the specialist daughter company, Green Thumb Construction, focusing solely on green building issues. Green Thumb will not only specialize in sustainable construction, but will attempt to be a fore-runner in the Research and Development of new sustainable technologies and techniques in the construction world.

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