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A new Website, created to celebrate softbed Birkenstock shoes, offers product and podiatry-related info, Birkenstock trivia as well as selected models of soft footbed clogs and sandals for purchase.

Montreal, Canada, July 28, 2011 --( A new Website,, has been created with the intent of providing information about softbed Birkenstock shoes, the ability to purchase a product and the possibility to easily obtain current information in the area of podiatry-related topics. More than just a sales pitch, this Website provides pertinent information to the casual visitor as well as the interested buyer.

For those in the know, it is no surprise that Birkenstock shoes can trace a history back to the late 1700's in a small village in Germany, where a shoemaker registered with the last name Birkenstock. Both the contoured insole and flexible arch support trace beginnings back to the Birkenstock family in the late 1800's to early 1900's. The footwear is known for its comfort, style, ability to correct arch issues and increase and maintain foot health. Beyond being a simple shoe, a Birkenstock can be the answer to multiple issues at once while providing a style the wearer can easily live with over time.

Newcomers who may not be as familiar with this style of shoe may find it beneficial to know that the shoe can bring instant relief to chronic foot pain, thanks to its contoured fit that follows the natural foot curve. With a long history, it only makes sense that certain categories of Birkenstocks in the United States, such as the Arizona, have celebrated 30 years of customer satisfaction, as pointed out by Birkenstock USA, the mother company's US subsidiary.

According to Birkenstock USA, the brand has made several adjustments and improvements through the years, while maintaining the original purpose of the shoe. Both long-time fans of Birkenstocks and those new to the Birkenstock scene can be assured of finding useful information through the recently launched site.

Soft footbed Birkenstock clogs and sandals have a strong following for the reasons listed above, as well as the reliability of the style of the shoe, which remains constant despite improvements and changes in society's ideas of the latest trend. These shoes appeal to some as a symbol of a way of life, while for others being part of the community of Birkenstock wearers is a strong pull. Regardless, those who try softbed Birkenstocks rarely find themselves disappointed.

Whether you are new or well-experienced in the topic of soft footbed Birkenstocks, anyone looking for foot health information and Birkenstock trivia will find that this Website is a great resource to bookmark and frequently browse over.

Keep checking back, as new features could appear as time goes on.

Softbed Birkenstock
Karen Stein