Success Story for eKomi’s BabySecurity Campaign

Langtoft, United Kingdom, July 27, 2011 --( eKomi, an online feedback specialist, is currently celebrating a successful partnership with BabySecurity; one of its top clients.

BabySecurity first approached eKomi with the hope that they could help them with increasing customer trust, better conversion rates and an increase in traffic, by providing their website with real customer reviews.

eKomi was happy to take on the challenge; offering BabySecurity a new shop review system, and a product review system.

The results have been astonishing and BabySecurity have been delighted to see an increase in visitors to their website, an improvement in conversion rates and an increase in overall revenue.

eKomi manages a service which allows online shopping customers to offer their feedback on products and services. eKomi deals directly with the customer, to ensure that all reviews are authentic and independent. The product and shop reviews they collect are then integrated into the client websites to encourage trust and further sales from new customers.

Website users often worry about buying products online; with concerns about security as well as product quality. But with eKomi’s feedback system, businesses can build up a trust with potential clients by openly displaying previous customers’ reviews.

In the case of BabySecurity the question of trust is more important than ever as this company supplies baby safety products. When it comes to buying products for children, parents want to be completely sure that they are only getting the very best. With eKomi’s review system displaying genuine customer reviews as well as a star rating system, potential customers are given peace of mind about the quality of the products and are therefore much more likely to make a purchase. As well as this, more potential customers are reached by eKomi’s new feature of displaying shop reviews in Google AdWords.

BabySecurity is one very satisfied customer, enjoying the customer interaction provided by the reviews as well as the trust that they are able to build up with their clients. There are other benefits to the service too; with the reviews counting as unique content, it’s possible to see a rise in rankings on search engine results, which again increases the number of visitors to the website.

Gerad Barclay, the Managing Director of EDPA Limited UK – BabySecurity’s retailer, said: "eKomi provides us several benefits at once. Through shop reviews we can make our service transparent, generate trust and gain new customers. We actually use the customer comments in the shop reviews to fine tune our customer service too."


Notes to editors:
eKomi –
eKomi provides clients with a service that collects customer reviews to display on their websites. The aim of collecting and displaying these product and service reviews on a website is to increase trust and loyalty from the customers and to ultimately improve sales.

BabySecurity –
BabySecurity helps parents find quality products for their babies and children. The online shop provides safety products, some of which are exclusive to BabySecurity. All products have been inspired by requests from parents for childcare products that are not already available on the market.
eKomi Ltd
Stefan Kuhn