LI Green Building Material Firm to Rebuild Snow-Damaged Warehouse

OceanSafe’s Green and Durable Materials to be Used to Rebuild Crazy Billy’s Wine & Spirits Snow-Damaged Warehouse

Deer Park, NY, July 27, 2011 --( The harsh winter snowstorms across the northeast caused significant damage to many commercial structures. On Long Island, accumulated snow caused the collapse of the warehouse rooftop of Crazy Billy’s Wine and Spirits enterprise, undermining the structure of the entire building. The sheer weight of the snow caused enough damage to require the complete replacement of the warehouse. However, Crazy Billy’s owners, Billy and Patti Peterson, were looking for a solution beyond simple replacement of the 1,600 - square foot warehouse attached to their well-recognized store on Deer Park Avenue in Deer Park. The solution that will also provide enhanced energy efficiency, durability, functionality and rapid replacement is being provided by OceanSafe, the nation’s premier manufacturer of high-performance steel structural insulating panels (SSIPs), which are used for residential and commercial applications. The new warehouse, slated for construction by Turbo Contracting Corporation in mid-July, will be completed quickly (in just a few weeks) with a brand-new, green, durable and temperature-controlled warehouse for the Peterson’s more than 12,000 bottles of fine wine and spirits.

“The new OceanSafe warehouse will be an example of turning misfortune into opportunity. We have been given a chance to rebuild stronger and more environmentally friendly. We turned to OceanSafe because of its sustainable building system, which has proven energy-saving features and will reduce our overhead costs over time. I also wanted to create a healthy warehouse environment where my wife Patti and her staff work, preparing hundreds of gift baskets each year. We are confident that this construction project represents the best investment we could make to protect our staff and inventory and to strengthen our business and community. In the future we will not have to worry about snow accumulations on the roof or even hurricanes. The unique construction design and panel system will be quick to build and the construction certainly interesting to watch,” said Billy Peterson, co-owner of Crazy Billy’s Wine and Spirits.

“It makes sense for the Petersons to rebuild the warehouse with our materials. OceanSafe’s Steel Structural Insulated Panels will be used for the entire building envelope. Buildings constructed with SSIPs are durable, can bear the load of significant snow and can offer protection against tornadoes, hurricanes and even earthquakes. Buildings on Long Island are susceptible to hurricanes and other harsh weather challenges, making our materials ideal for this environment. The SSIP system is cost effective to construct and offers numerous energy-saving and environmental benefits. The SSIP construction used for Crazy Billy’s will provide adequate insulation, and the efficient air-conditioning and heating units will maintain the 65o F temperature needed to safeguard the products,” said Robert Fusco, Vice President of OceanSafe Inc., Greenport, N.Y.

Currently, OceanSafe is building strong, safe and green residential and commercial buildings in New Orleans, as part of Hurricane Katrina reconstruction, and in other parts of the world as well as on Long Island. Structures built with OceanSafe’s water/wind-resistant panels are energy efficient, can resist termite and vermin infestations and can withstand extreme weather conditions, including hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The company’s Long Island residential projects will commence soon, but Crazy Billy’s warehouse project will be the first commercial undertaking on Long Island.

OceansSafe Structural Insulated Panel Systems are easy to construct and are revolutionary in design. The product consists of Galvalume panels, combined with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and/or urethane core. It is assembled with a patented snap-together system that makes the panels highly resistant to the destructive forces of nature. The result is a finished building that is truly green and enduringly sustainable with unprecedented warranties, energy savings and insurance reductions. For more information, please visit

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