Dreamkind Announces Frankenstein Matchmaker for the iPhone and iPad: Because Monsters Need Love Too

Dreamkind will release Frankenstein Matchmaker on August 4th for the iPhone and iPad. Frankenstein Matchmaker is a monster of a word game where the player has to think fast and shoot straight. The game will be available in lite and full versions.

Englewood, NJ, July 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Dreamkind, the entertainment studio behind Sproutster and Office Riot, announced the upcoming release of a new iPhone and iPad game called Frankenstein Matchmaker. Scheduled for release on August 4th, 2011, Frankenstein Matchmaker combines elements of a word-matching strategy game and a monster-blasting action game.

Frankenstein Matchmaker puts players in the role of the infamous doctor. Frankenstein may be a mad scientist, but the monsters are even madder. “The hideous creatures destroyed everything in the town square and they’re heading straight for Frankenstein’s castle,” said a frightened villager who didn’t want to be named. “I think the doctor’s in big trouble!”

“In the game, the only way to stop the rampaging monsters is to help them find dates,” explained Jay Schiffman, President of Dreamkind. “If you want to ward off the attacks, you’ll have to literally play matchmaker.” Armed only with Cupid’s arrows, the player strategically targets monsters by finding word pairs. For example, by matching two rhyming words, the player will create a happy (non-rampaging) couple. The love-struck couple will lose all interest in attacking your castle and blissfully wander away.

Frankenstein Matchmaker delivers endless waves of monster-matching madness featuring four different word modes:

· Sounds of Love: Rhymes (e.g. game/name or town/brown)
· We Love the Same Things: Synonyms (e.g. fly/soar or smile/grin)
· Opposites Attract: Antonyms (e.g. enter/exit or fact/fiction)
· You Got Me All Mixed Up: Anagrams (e.g. stop/tops or earth/heart)

The game will feature four difficulty levels structured to create different gaming experiences for different age groups. On the higher levels, even accomplished adult players will have their wits (and fingers) put to the test by the frenzied pace of the game.

The concept of finding soul mates for monsters is perfectly logical according to the game’s Associate Producer Clarynne Blanchard. “Vampires want to drink blood and Zombies want to eat brains, but Frankenstein’s monsters just want to hold hands. Hey… monsters need love, too!”

Frankenstein Matchmaker will be available August 4th as a universal app that allows users to play it on an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for a single purchase price of $1.99. A free lite version will also be available.

For more information, please contact Matt Cohen at (201) 541-5557 or e-mail us at info@dreamkind.com.

About Dreamkind

Dreamkind is an entertainment studio that develops mobile applications, animations, websites, digital media, and educational games. Dreamkind donates 10% of its profits to children’s charities.

Dreamkind is known for its work with major children’s entertainment companies. Dreamkind is currently developing Major League Bugball, a game in which the player must hit curveballs, fastballs, and screwballs out of the park while solving math problems. Dreamkind is the developer of Sproutster, a game in which players catch falling letters to build words and raise real money to feed malnourished children through the United Nations World Food Program. Dreamkind also recently released Office Riot, an iPhone/iPad game geared towards tweens, teens, and adults.

Matt Cohen