Newest Model of APC’s Next Generation Rack PDU Lineup Features Metering-by-Outlet Capabilities

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in integrated critical power and cooling services, today announced the newest Next Generation Switched Rack PDU with Metering-by-Outlet technology. The latest in APC’s line of Next Generation Rack PDUs.

London, United Kingdom, July 28, 2011 --( These units have the ability to provide device level power monitoring and energy use logging, enabling IT managers to pinpoint their power usage for each component connected. Visibility to the power draw from each active outlet enables customers to adjust the load attached to the Rack PDU to maximize energy efficiency.

The Next Generation Switched Rack PDU with Metering-by-Outlet technology offers IT managers the ability to:

· Meter the power distributed to equipment by individual outlet - Provides the IT professional a more granular view of the power within the enclosure beyond the previous ability to meter at the phase level. Metering-by-outlet now provides the ability to analyze component power trends and perform capacity planning.
· Efficiently adjust the attached load as needed and plan for the future – The Rack PDU includes software bringing visibility to the energy usage of each individual component attached to the Rack PDU as well as detailed logs which can be used when planning for future expansion or reorganization.
· Remotely manage individual outlets – IT managers utilize remote outlet level controls to allow power on/off functionality for power recycling to reboot locked-up equipment and to avoid unauthorized use of individual outlets. Power sequencing delays allow IT managers to define the order in which to power up or down attached equipment and assist in avoiding circuit overloads during power recovery events and ultimately extends uptime of critical equipment by prioritizing load shedding.

As an addition to the Next Generation Switched Rack PDU product family, IT managers will continue to benefit from the features they have come to rely upon from the AP8000 series Rack PDU platform, including:

· Active Power Metering – provides IT managers with full feature network management abilities to access and configure the Rack PDU settings via web, SNMP and telnet, and also enables comprehensive overload monitoring and user defined alarms to warn of potential circuit overloads, helping to prevent accidental power loss to critical equipment.
· Interactive LCD Display - Allows for real-time equipment connectivity & load balancing guidance and provides optional temperature and humidity monitoring with user defined alarms.
· Environmental Monitoring - Included probe input port allows use of external temperature/humidity probes, enabling IT managers to monitor the environments of their racks at an individual rack level.
· Locking IEC Connectors - When used with the new locking IEC jumper cords, these connectors enable the use of an exclusive, easy-to-use space saving cord retention method, eliminating the need for bulky cable management brackets.

The APC Next Generation Metered Rack PDUs are currently available worldwide. For more information about APC’s Rack PDU product line, visit or call 0800 2799254.

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