Online Poker Fans Get Smart With New Poker Bot Software

London, United Kingdom, March 28, 2007 --( The latest bug to bite online poker players is the Poker Bot, a brand new software technology that yields better games and more winnings.

There is no doubt about it. Online poker continues to become even more popular despite the setbacks that the online gaming industry has experienced in the past several months.

One of the hottest things going around in the world of online poker today is a newly developed poker bot called PokerSmoke. Chris Spencer, Marketing Manager of PokerSmoke, explains: "Poker bots are the result of technology at its best. In very simple words, poker bots are your worst enemy online. They have been called many things, money making machines being one of them. And why not? With the computer's "thinking" power behind a poker bot, it can play poker for an unlimited amount of time, making the right moves at the right time, and ending up winning a lot of money."

PokerSmoke is a poker bot that has been designed to give players the edge over all those others who are not making use of poker bots. With very high level programming and artificial intelligence to back it up, players have been making more money than ever. Simply because PokerSmoke has been designed to make the best possible decisions at the right times. Every imaginable situation that may arise in a poker game has been taken into consideration and incorporated into the programming.

With PokerSmoke, players have the option of running it on automatic mode or semi-automatic mode, allowing them to play at several tables all at once without losing focus. And being able to run at unlimited poker tables all at the same time obviously means more money.

Chris also adds "the best thing of all is this: PokerSmoke is not detectable by online poker rooms. That is right, you do not run the risk of being caught. Though technically, poker bots are not a means of cheating, some online poker rooms may ban them because they provide their users with an advantage of other players. With PokerSmoke, though, you can evade such instances thanks to its smart way of playing!"

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Chris Spencer