Will NASA Send Nuclear Waste Into Space?

CEO of Smart Energy Enterprises sends "smart energy drink" Nuclear Waste Antidoteā„¢ to NASA.

San Francisco, CA, March 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Will NASA Send Nuclear Waste Into Space? Smart Energy Enterprises Inc. CEO Mark Michael Lewis hopes so. In fact he sent a few cases of Nuclear Waste Antidote™ to the woman in charge of selecting products for space missions. “I think it would be a great drink for the astronauts. It will help them stay alert and focused without depleting them,” says Lewis, “Besides, it has gone everywhere else, why not space?” More than just marketing hype, Nuclear Waste Antidote™ is the leader in a new category of energy drinks called “smart energy drinks,” which contain special ingredients that completely changes the way the central nervous system processes caffeine, virtually eliminating its negative side effects. 

Caffeine is the world’s most popular legal stimulant, with an estimated 80-90% of American adults ingesting it in some form daily. “People want the energy from the caffeine in energy drinks and think they just have to put up with the jittery feelings and the crash they experience when it wears off,” says Lewis. “The formula for Nuclear Waste Antidote™ changes the whole situation. It enhances the positive experience and counteracts the negative side effects of caffeine. It just feels better, both while the drink is active, and when the caffeine wears off.” 

Stanford trained physician Dr. Arash M. Padidar supports the science behind these claims. “The idea for the formula is based on basic medical principles. When a medicine has negative side effects, we sometimes prescribe additional medicines to counteract those side effects,” says Padidar. “This drink treats caffeine like a medicine and adds additional ingredients to take away the jitters and the crash caffeine often causes.” 

Regardless of whether the drink goes into space or not, Lewis is committed to both his product and his company’s bigger mission of raising people’s awareness about social and environmental issues. He is a passionate and outspoken speaker who has spoken before hundreds of audiences. For more information visit www.SmartPowerDrinks.com or call 415-692-3370.

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Eleanor Reinholdt