Outskirts Press Anounces a Unique New Diet Book by California Psychiatrist Dr. Harvey Widroe - Eat and Cheat. ‘The Smart Dieter’s Cheating Guide’

This eye-opening book examines a psychiatrist's belief on dieting and explores a shift in focus from failed diets to a weight losing mindset.

Denver, CO, March 30, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Bad news! Despite diet claims that make politicians look humble, every diet on the market has a clearly proven record of astronomical failure.  This unique diet book says the only successful long-term diet accepts cheating. California Psychiatrist Dr. Harvey Widroe describes years of clinical success with the right mindset for “cheating and eating” as pounds melt away.  It is true that no simple diet is going to change that. That’s because, says Dr. Harvey Widroe – who is not marketing any pre-ordained diet -- “it’s not so much the diet that counts as the mindset of the dieter.” Widroe examines what we all do wrong in his brand new book.

Widroe, a California psychiatrist with decades of success in helping people develop the right mindset and the highly effective techniques that go with it – controlled cheating – asserts that a realistic approach to dieting greatly improves the dieter’s odds for success.

“And without a realistic approach to eating,” Widroe emphasizes, “invariably whatever diet one chooses is going to fail.”

With The Smart Dieter’s Cheating Guide offers its readers some insight on why so many of us use “denial of reality, projection, and rationalization as we sabotage, then abandon our weight loss efforts.”

The Smart Dieter’s Cheating Guide: Eat and Watch Pounds Melt Away, by Dr. Harvey Widroe with Ron Kenner, helps the reader overcome the obstacles to success with a new approach: Eat what you want, but do it intelligently, using the Smart Dieter’s Cheating Guide, since most all of us, the book acknowledges, are going to cheat anyway.

“This is not only more effective”, the author promises, “but far more interesting as compared to the boredom of a single-category diet, and far healthier than the sometimes dangerous practice of avoiding certain food groups.”

The book also promises less work and more enjoyment. It avoids the strenuous record keeping of many diets and allows the dieter to eat what he or she wants, within reason, with the right mindset.

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