Acclaim Networks Celebrates 10 Year Business Anniversary

Acclaim Networks has been building and maintaining IT networks for clients throughout Dallas and Fort Worth since 2001. This week they celebrate their 10th year in business.

Grapevine, TX, July 28, 2011 --( Acclaim Networks, a Dallas - Fort Worth based network solution provider (, today announced the celebration of 10 years in business.

Since 2001, Acclaim Networks has evolved from a business model that focused on buying and selling used network hardware, to a turnkey IT network management provider for businesses, doctors and dentists, across the entire Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.

"What started out 10 years ago on a shoe-string budget has steadily grown into a business far exceeding anyone's expectations," said David Yandry, Acclaim Networks founder and President. "We are all very proud of our first 10 years and grateful to our customers, employees and business partners who helped get us here."

Founded in July 2001, Acclaim Networks quickly built a customer base of companies that relied heavily on their network infrastructure to run their business, but had no dedicated IT employee on staff to handle day-to-day technical challenges. “Clients immediately saw the value in outsourcing those technical functions to us as and our team of expert technicians, so that they could focus on the things they knew how to do best in order to continue driving revenue for their companies and practices,” Yandry recalls.

In addition to serving general commercial businesses, Acclaim Networks has also carved out a niche in catering to dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other medical practitioners. Acclaim Networks Technical Manager, Patrick Blankenship, explains, “The move to paperless environments, digital imaging and digital x-rays have all really ramped up the complexity of the modern dental and medical practice, increasing their need to lean on someone with the technical expertise necessary to integrate those devices and associated software into their network. Providing those solutions within a HIPAA-compliant framework is where we excel.”

Earlier this year, Acclaim Networks launched to help dental and medical providers get a grip on the documentation and processes mandated by HIPAA and HITECH legislation. “Most practices are aware of HIPAA and know that it establishes a wide variety of physical and technical mandates for protecting patient health information, but they don’t know how to interpret the statutes and incorporate those mandates into their practice,” says Yandry. “ provides clients with expert-created policies, procedures and on-going training that meet the specific requirements of HIPAA legislation. All they have to do is take the time to customize the documentation to the way their practice does business, stay on top of the ongoing training and awareness activities required by the legislation, and they can be confident they’re running a HIPAA compliant practice.”

Continued Yandry, "By being in touch with our customer base, we have been able to anticipate their need for things like this and grow with their businesses. That's one of the major reasons why we have been so successful. We very much look forward to the next 10 years."

About Acclaim Networks
Headquartered in the heart of the Dallas – Ft Worth metroplex, Acclaim Networks is a privately-held network integrator focusing on providing high-quality hardware, software and professional services to small to medium-size businesses, as well as dental and medical providers located throughout the area. Specialized services include Network Design, Implementation and Support, VoIP Telephony Solutions, Remote Backup, Firewall Services and Turnkey Outsourced Network Management. For more information, please visit us at

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