Outskirts Press is Pleased to Bring You Ella Elephant and Her Fear of Mice, a Delightful New Book the Whole Family Will Enjoy

This book explores the trials and tribulations of childhood ~ No Matter How Great or Small the Challenge, A Child Should Never Feel Alone

Denver, CO, March 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Outskirts Press is pleased to bring you Ella Elephant and Her Fear of Mice, a delightful new children’s book by author P. Janet Lee. When Ella the Elephant is distressed over her fear of mice, her mother shares a story that changes how she sees herself and her fears. Ella Elephant and Her Fear of Mice is a story for any child who is experiencing fear or alienation from others. Whether young or old, Lee reassures the reader that the imperfection or flaws we each have are, in fact, perfectly acceptable and there for a reason. As she writes:

Long ago, a gardener had one very special clay pot. Each day he filled the clay pot with water, and then walked him through the garden. Each time, the little clay pot leaked out all the water. As each day went by, he grew sadder and sadder.

“Why are you so sad?” asked the gardener.

Little clay pot sobbed. “The other pots have no holes. Why do I have holes?”

The gardener answered. “Do not be sad. You are more special than you think. Take a look,” he said, showing him the whole garden.

And little clay pot could not believe his eyes. In front of him was a garden green and fruitful. It was filled with all kinds of plants and vegetables. Little clay pot smiled again. He learned there was nothing wrong with the leaks he had after all. And he became the happiest watering clay pot the farmer ever had.

With U.S. wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and pervasive online availability through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and elsewhere, Ella Elephant can meet consumer demand through both retail and library markets. It is a perfect addition for home and school libraries.

About the Author: Born in Champasack, Laos, and raised in America, P. Janet Lee is the youngest of twelve children. From a very young age, she embraced the life lessons taught through the stories of her father, a longtime schoolteacher. Now with two children of her own, she presents the same joy of sharing life lessons through stories. Ella Elephant and Her Fear of Mice encourages children to celebrate their individuality and value themselves for who they really are – inside. Visit Lee on the Internet at www.JanetLeeSite.com.

About the Illustrator: Tim Clough is a visionary artist who calls his work “a labor of love.” In Ella, Clough has managed to skillfully capture emotions of motherly love, reassurance, and inner joy.

Ella Elephant and Her Fear of Mice by P. Janet Lee.
ISBN: 9781598007138, 8x11 Color paperback, 32 pages
Retail Price: US $15.95, CAN $19.95, UK £12.95
Availability: Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com

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