Outskirts Press is Pleased to Bring You The End of Racism in the United States with a White Sword, a Brave and Thought-Provoking New Work by Author Ernest C. Dillard

Denver, CO, March 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Outskirts Press is pleased to bring you The End of Racism in the United States with a White Sword, a brave and thought-provoking new work by author Ernest C. Dillard.

Racism is the quintessential, unexamined, and often-misunderstood political, economic, and social issue in the United States today. Racism in the United States is content-dependent and has a contingent shelf life. It has no inherent permanent, independent ability to exist on its own. It is precariously perched atop the rickety scaffolding of overt but unasked questions, lies, and misinformation from politicians who reap fame and financial fortune from the perpetuation of race against race.

Through the pages of this book, Dillard disassembles that black scarecrow of race, rips off its hypocritical fig leaf, and exposes racist politicians in all their ugly nakedness to white voters and the millions of white men, women, and children who are direct victims of the economic collateral damage to whites by this race-based political propaganda. The End of Racism in the United States is a stunning commentary that will leave you both shocked and eager to learn more.

The End of Racism should be on the bookshelf of every person concerned with the fate of our nation; it is for every person who dreams of a world without hatred.

About the Author: Born the fourth of seven children to an impoverished family in Montgomery, Alabama, Ernie Dillard quit school in the sixth grade to care for his family after the death of his father. He married Jessie Mae Dawson in 1934 and moved to Detroit in 1937. He worked as a welder while completing his studies at Wayne State University—all while supporting his wife, children, and several relatives. Dillard worked with the NAACP to help integrate Detroit, and served in several positions with the UAW Local 15, including editor of the Local’s paper. Since his retirement, Dillard has served as instructor of leadership-development training classes for the Detroit Association of Black Organizations and the UAW Educational Department, as president of the Michigan A. Philip Randolph Institute, as head of the Democratic Political Education Committee of the 13th Congressional District, and as Executive Vice Chairmen of the 13th Congressional District. His published works include An Open Letter of Truth to the White People of Mississippi, The Cry of White Racism: A Black Crutch, Civil Rights in the 1990s (White America, Wake Up!), and The White Middle Class—Blind Victims of a Political Skin Game. After the death of his wife, Jessie Mae, in 1990, Dillard moved to Los Angeles to be near his children.

The End of Racism in the United States with a White Sword by Ernie Dillard
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